Growing Babies

Welcome to the Baby Page! Below you'll find a list of my most popular pregnancy posts, baby updates, and family planning posts. 

Family Planning & Pregnancy:
Family UNplanning
Hobby Lobby, Abortion, and Birth Control
Children Are a Blessing
One or Twenty: How Many Kinds Should You Have?
5 Strategies for Dealing With Pregnancy Exhaustion
What It Really Means to be Pro-Life
One of Those Women: Open Hearts and an Open Womb

Advice to Young Mothers
Our Daily Schedule {Three Under Three}
Why We Love Babywise 
A Normal Kind of Hard
The Best Parenting Advice I Every Gave Myself
It's Enough: When Parenting Feels Too Hard

Little Bear:
The First Two Weeks
Little Bear's Birth Story {Part 2}
Little Bear's Birth Story {Part 1}
He's Here
41Weeks: Patiently Impatient 
39 Weeks: Yes, I'm Still Pregnant
36 Weeks: Greatly Blessed and Ridiculously Uncomfortable
34 Weeks: Boring Pregnant Lady
Gender Reveal
27 Weeks Pregnancy Update
16 Weeks: Is That a Baby Belly?
Expecting the Unexpected
Two Little {Pink} Lines

Cupcake Turns 1
6 Month Update
3 Month Update
6 Weeks Update
Birth Story
She's Here
39 Weeks: A Gift Worth Waiting For
38.5 Weeks Still Getting Ready for Baby
38 Weeks: The Practice of Impatience
37 Weeks: Birth Plan and Name Changes
36 Weeks: I Believe; Help My Unbelief
34 Weeks:The Waiting Game
33 Weeks: Girls and Boys
32 Weeks: A Different Kind of Update
30 Weeks and Counting!
25 Weeks and Lots of Rubber Ducks
22 Weeks and Advice for First Time Moms
We're Having a Girl!
18 Weeks
15 Weeks
11 Weeks
9 Weeks
We're Having a Baby!

Rooster Turns Three
Rooster Turns Two
Rooster Turns One
Breaking the Rules
2 Week Update
Top 10 Ways Not to Induce Labor
We Are Ready
Imperfect Parenting

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