About Me

Hi. I'm Katherine.

Welcome to Proverbs and Pacifiers! I am a wife, stay-at-home mom, and homemaker! I'm a recovering perfectionist who loves chocolate. My hobbies include cooking, running, and being in charge of things.

I mostly blog about how our faith influences our everyday life. From pregnancy to parenting, to cleaning up after our selves, we invite you to join us as we talk about the challenges of  real life with little ones!

Now about my family. This is my husband Evan. He works full time at our local church doing college and music ministry. He's my favorite. He loves the outdoors, but he's a book worm at heart. Evan has been blessed with the ability to teach scripture and loves talking about the Word. He's my go-to Bible guy {smile}.

We have two small children. Rooster is 18 months old and keeps us hopping, like recently when he spit broccoli across my kitchen. Parenting a toddler is never dull but very rewarding!

Lydia Joy is our most recent addition. She was my {almost} Christmas baby. At 3 months old she is such a good baby! She eats, she sleeps, she giggles. I love it!

If you want to know more about us, just stick around a bit! Here are some of my favorite posts.
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  1. Hi Katherine! I found your blog through Raising Mighty Arrow's Blogger Meet and Greet. Thank you for sharing your story and your blog with us. I'm looking forward to following your family's adventures!

  2. Hi! You have a lovely family! Pleased to "meet" you. :)

  3. Our son was born on the day after Christmas, too...I was in labor on Christmas, but he made his appearance into this world the next morning. He is SUCH a dear blessing to us...we waited 12 1/2 years for him, and God defied medical odds to send him to us. We praise Him for our little one every, single day. God is SO good!

  4. Great meeting you today and I LOVE your beautiful blog!!



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