Best Friends {The Time My Kids Spit Water Everywhere}


There is rarely a dull moment at my house. 

There are loud moments, happy moments, angry moments, lots of smelly moms, but never dull ones. 

Today as I was busy changing Roo's diaper (not really, I was playing on Facebook), his three precious older siblings decided to spit the water from their sippy cups all over their room. They'd each take a drink and then spew it out all over their toys, books, blankets, everything. 

I discovered their game when my three-year-old Cupcake had the audacity to bring me her cup and ask for more water. I had refilled her cup not too long ago and since my children rarely drink water (they are stubborn and hold out until I give into their whining for more milk), I simply asked, "You drank your water already?"

In all candor she said, "No, I spit it on my floor."

"Show me."

There is always that moment of dread that follows such an innocent confession. It could just be a few small drops on the floor, or it could be a tidal wave washing over their room and ruining everything in it's wake.

This time it was a tidal wave. There was water everywhere. I didn't even know their cups had that much water in them!

I got each of my beloved children their own small towel, disciplined them, and told them to start cleaning up their mess. Then I left the room to start a load of laundry (mostly because they were having too much fun cleaning up their mess and that really annoyed me).

As as I was throwing a particularly gross pair of poopy pants in the washer, I hear a little voice behind me.


I turned around to see my four-year-old Rooster (no doubt the tidal wave ring leader) a few feet away with a rather sad look on his face.

"What is it, son?"

"Mom, I sorry."

"Sorry, for what?"

"Sorry for spitting my water all over the floor. I not do it again."

"Yeah, that wasn't very nice. You made a big mess."

"I apologize. I will never ever spit my water again."

I took a deep breath and mustered up all my energy trying so hard not to laugh at the ridiculously long face standing in front of me.

"I forgive you. And I love you."

Instantly his frown became the cheesiest smile I've seen. He scrunched his shoulders up to ears, and said, "I love you too!"

He ran back down the hallway while I turned to finish the laundry with a smile on my face. Genuine or not, that four-year-old knows exactly how to pull his mom's heartstrings.

Then I hear it. The same little voice, this time more loudly coming from his room down the hallway.

"Guys, she forgived us!"

My two-year-old Little Bear cheered, while Cupcake hollered, "Good Job Rooster!!"

And then I laughed out loud.

There are so many moments in this parenting gig that absolutely drive me crazy. Just one moment of distraction and child-proof cups can turn into a natural disaster. A stuffed animal becomes a weapon of mass destruction. A spoonful of peanut butter becomes finger paint.

But there is something about siblings working together, for good and for bad, that just makes a momma proud. I'm sure in the days to come they'll each take turns with the short straw and have to apologize for one misstep or another. I just pray whatever it is, they are always in it together. 

Best Friends

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