Crazy Mom at the Library Ruins Story Hour for Everyone


You know the story that has been filtering around the internet recently about the two parents who took their baby into a diner and apparently let her cry for longer than what was considered acceptable and were rudely thrown out and cussed at by the diner owner. 

Well, I don't want to talk about that story. In fact, it's kind of scares me that people on the internet are talking about it at all! 

You see regardless of what you think about this particular mom (the two different sides of the story don't exactly add up), I'm pretty sure that one day in the near future that's going to be my name and story plastered all over blog-o-sphere.

And it will go something like this:

Local mom of three pathetically apologizes this morning after her preschoolers ransacked the library, and her toddler knocked over the new computers. The three young kids ran kicking and screaming from the story hour room, after refusing to sit and listen like all the other obedient children. 

"I just can't believe she brought them out in public! If you have audacity to have three kids so close together, then surely you could at least stay home and spare us the drama." 

Eyewitnesses say the chaos started shortly after the mom pulled her children around from the computers for story time. The children initially sat down as directed, but as soon as the mother found a seat, they took off running out of the room in three different directions. After restraining them she sat down on the floor to hopefully keep them in their seats, but the situation continued to get worse.

"I couldn't believe what I saw. There she was sitting in the floor with a two-year-old and a one-year-old sprawled out in front of her trying to crawl away. She was holding on to their ankles and just smiled like nothing was going on!!!

The librarian reading the stories tried to ignore them and just kept reading. I'm not sure I could have done it. Someone should have taken those children outside, put them in time out, and miraculously changed their attitude using reason and a little tough love." 

Onlookers say they were initially annoyed by the interruption, but quickly became concerned for the children's safety. 

"The little girl often ran out of the room and around the corner. She was out of her mother's line of sight for almost 5 seconds at a time! Anything could have happened during those 5 seconds. Anything!" 

In addition to crawling around the room, running out the door, and fussing when asked to sit quietly. The children barked like penguins, tried to start a wrestling match, and refused to sing "If Your Happy And You Know It." 

But the disturbance didn't end after story time. The mom insisted on staying around to visit with other adults while her preschoolers dumped all of the puzzles out of the storage cabinet, and her one-year-old fell off the top of the computer table, taking a keyboard, headphones, and other computer paraphernalia with him. 

One area parent was deeply concerned. 

"I bring my daughter to the library to learn social skills and to work on her reading comprehension. We work hard on teaching her obedience and conformity to the norm, and in one morning these hoodlums undo weeks of training. She was smiling and enjoying their spectacle, but all I saw were future criminals in our midst!" 

The head librarian refused to comment on the situation, but looked away sheepishly when questioned about who invited this mom of three to story hour in the first place. 

"They seemed like such a normal family when they come to visit on their own. I really hope they will come back but maybe bring their dad with them next time..."

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  1. Haha I love it!! The truth of motherhood. I put our youngest in an umbrella stroller when we go to the library so I have at least one less wild child to restrain.



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