New Year Reflections


Well we made it! We've officially survived 2014. It's been a BIG year for our family with becoming a family of 5 and moving to a new town, a new church, and a new home. They were good changes, but still even good waves rock the boat.  My prayer is that 2015 is a calmer year and hopefully a year of growth. 

I'm excited about Little Bear learning to walk, and eat table food, and drink from a cup. I've seen my babies become toddlers twice now and it's such a fun and happy time. This next phase is one of my favorites, and I can wait to go through it with my second little boy! 

I'm excited about Cupcake learning new words! She is a big talker, and I can't wait for her vocabulary to blossom. This is the year she'll learn to count and name her colors and her letters.  She's really becoming a little girl and not just a baby! She has such a different personality than Rooster does, and I can't wait to see what kind of two-year-old she will be. 

I'm excited about Rooster getting out of diapers (Praise the Lord!), and watching him become more creative and hopefully less unpredictable.  He's becoming more of a little boy and less of a toddler. I look forward to starting preschool activities and getting to do more art projects and games with him. 

My kids are growing up and I am thrilled! I really hope there is always another baby, but one day very, very soon it won't be ALL babies and that will be a good day.

And I'm excited to be married another year to the man of my dreams. I don't talk about my husband much here, but let me tell you, he's amazing and awesome and wonderful and hands down the funniest person I know. This past year has been a growing year for us as we've sharpened our discernment skills and memorized a ton of scripture. I'm amazed that God continues to grow each of us spiritually in the same direction.

This year we memorized 7 chapters of the Bible (starting with the Book of James), and our goal for 2015 is at least 12 more! Memorizing Scripture will completely change your life, and doing it with your spouse will change your marriage! We've become closer together, and I've seen him grow in his role as the spiritual leader in our home. It's such a blessing, and I pray it continues in 2015. 

I love Proverbs 31:25, "Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come." 

As I think about this coming year, I do rejoice! I rejoice that God has given me so many good things to look forward to, and I don't take them lightly. I know that even the best laid plans are often foiled by tragedy. I know that nothing I hold so dear is a guarantee. So tonight as I reflect on the year past and the good things to come, I am simply thankful that God has given me so many people to love, and I pray He will give me the strength I need to love them more in the coming year. 

Happy New Year! 

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  1. What a nice article. It is heartwarming to read about your faith and love.



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