Terribly Cute Easter Pictures


I'm not sure if you've spent much time on social media today, but you may have noticed the cute family Easter pictures that are flooding your newsfeed. Well of course having such agreeable and lovely children, I thought we should take pictures too!

This is the best one.

I bribed the toddlers with candy so they would sit still, but that didn't last long.

They had much, much better things to do!

Like digging in the dirt.

And getting stuck in a wagon.

We may be terrible at talking pictures but at least we love each other! And candy. We also love candy.

Happy Easter!


  1. I love looking at the out takes after I try to take pictures of our 5 kiddos 8 and under! It makes me laugh so hard. The only thing that gets better is that they are more easily bribed as they get older or can hold wiggly babies or toddlers :) Cute kiddos by the way!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this! My hubby and I were the only ones looking at the camera and smiling for our pictures. And I tried bribing too..

  3. Too cute! I remember Christmas pictures with my sister and brother. Somehow it always seemed to end up in tears! But now we laugh about the memories :)



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