Fun With Foam!


We’re taking a break from all things baby to bring you this fun little toddler activity.

I’m always on the lookout for super easy, fun activities for my toddlers. Emphasis on the super easy part.

So when I saw this idea on Facebook the other day, I knew we had to give it a try!

I took some craft foam sheets Rooster got in his art box at Christmas and cut them up into squares. Then I gave each child a bowl with about an inch of water in it.  

I showed them how to dip the foam pieces into the water and stick them on the window. Instant fun! (And yes, they are sitting on the table. It’s the only safe way they could reach the window, and it made this activity 10x more fun.)

I like that this game was perfectly safe for my sweet Cupcake who would rather lick the foam pieces and drink the water out of her bowl. And Bonus- It’s educational! Rooster and I had fun naming the colors as we put them on the window. Next time I’ll plan ahead more and cut different shapes out instead of just squares. It would also be a great way to practice patterns for older preschoolers or use the shapes to make mosaic pictures on the window.

And of course, what would any activity be without a snack to go along with it. You'll notice all the water on the table around Cupcake. I had to refill her bowl several times! Oh well. It's just water, and I'm pretty sure my table needing cleaning anyway! 

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