Toddler Art Box


Rooster got an art box for Christmas. It's just a simple plastic tub filled with toddler sized craft supplies, and he loves it. LOVES it! Given a choice between his art box or candy and he'll choose the art box every time (he'll also cry until you give him the candy, so you better be prepared with both)

Personally, I love art box time. It's a great activity for us to do together when his sister is napping and I don't feel like singing the alphabet song...again...for the 14th time today (not an exaggeration).

It's also given me a lot of insight into how the mind of a two-year-old works. How he can be extremely focused and ordered one minute and completely destructive and chaotic the next. 

One minute he's gluing strips of paper in nice neat rows, and the next he's gluing them to his face. Sometimes he's perfectly content to fill the entire chalkboard with energetic scribbles of pride and joy, and other times he wants to color with each marker in the exact same spot. (Don't you be coloring on the rest of the paper, and don't you dare get his markers out of order!)

And don't even get me started on "safety scissors". They aren't all that sharp, but in the hands of a two-year-old they are hardly safe. One minute he's cutting on the dotted line, and the next minute he explodes with the energy of an atomic ninja! Hiiiiyah!!! Paper demolished and mom hiding in the corner counting her fingers.  

However, whatever mood he's in, the joy he takes in creating (and destroying) is so much fun to watch. He is bursting with pride at his accomplishments, and he enjoys having mom's complete focus and praise. Because let's face it, there is no multitasking when it comes to art box time. If I'm not paying attention I may end up with scribbles on my wall, glue on my ceiling, and hair that's a little shorter than I'd like. 

But really, I can hardly think of anything more important to do with my time than slowly peeling the backs off of 200 foam stickers. This is what parenting a toddler is all about, right? Foam stickers, smiling faces, and happy hearts. 

Tell me! What are your favorite craft activities for a toddler? Any suggestions for things to add to our art box (we might be out of stickers...)?


  1. Your little boy is adorable, and all my kids have always loved art time! Stickers are always a hit, and now that my daughter is older (7) she enjoys making so many things out of paper. I'm surprised she hasn't made herself some new bedroom furniture. :) I enjoyed this, thanks for hosting! ~~ Caroline @ Anchored In His Grace

  2. The picture of Rooster and the easel is so stinking cute! I love his cheese!



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