How to Be Like Jesus


Today, contributing at Coffee for the Soul and sharing about a topic close to all of our hearts: How to be Like Jesus.

It's the whole point of the Christian life. We know that one day God will make us completely new, inside and out. We will live in heaven with him in complete perfection, but until then we are battling our own sin nature and trying (ever so slowly it seems) to become more like Christ.

I actually wrote the bare bones of this post several months ago when I was studying through the book of Isaiah. It was one of those brilliant "Ah Ha!" moments with God, that was then forgotten in a random folder on my computer. However, I found it this weekend and knew I needed to finish it.

In the past week God has really been working on my heart, directing my attention to the Holy Spirit. I often find myself trying to be like Jesus on my own strength. I'm currently reading in Matthew about the life of Christ, and the more I read the harder I try to be like Jesus.

It's just that I usually fail miserably. It wasn't until I re-read this Isaiah passage that I realized my big problem. I can't do this on my own. The process of sanctification isn't something I can muster up in myself. It is done solely through the work of the Spirit in my life. I need the Holy Spirit of God is rest on me, to fill me up, and to work through me.

I hope you take the time to read today's post, and if you feel led, take some time to share with me (and with other readers) what area of your life do you feel the Spirit working most? In what ways are becoming more like Jesus?

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