God's Poetry: Walking in the Path of Good Works {Coffee for the Soul}


Today I'm sharing at Coffee for the Soul about what it means to be the poetry of God.

To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of poetry. In fact, the whole time I was writing this devotional I kept thinking how cheesy it sounds. Who wants to be a poem anyway?

But the more I thought about it the more God showed me how wrong I was. You see it really doesn't matter what type of literature you are. Be a song, a movie, a poem, a blog post, or a adventure novel. Really. Be whatever you want.

Just let God be the author. We weren't created to be a random set of words (or scenes) strung together. God wants to take our lives and be creative. He has a message to share, a story to tell, and he wants to use you and I to do it.

God wants to be intentional with his work of art. That word really stuck a chord with me this week. God wants my actions, my words, my life to be intentional. He wants every step I take to lead me closer to him. He wants to make me beautiful and give me great purpose.

As a writer I know the great care and time that goes into each word. I LOVE what I write. Not because it's perfect but because it comes from my heart. I care about these words. They speak what matters most to me and I often spend a lot of time pouring over them again and again, fine tuning each sentence so it fits into the whole. And when you read my work, I hope it moves you. I hope you get the story I'm trying to tell.

To think that God loves and cares for me that much is pretty humbling.

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