Happy Birthday Cupcake {Babies & Beyond Link-Up #27}


This past week we not only celebrated Christmas, but we celebrated my favorite little girl's first birthday! 

I think more than anything, Cupcake turning a year old really made me stop and consider how close we are to having another baby. Everyday she's becoming less and less of a baby and more and more of a soon-to-be big sister. She is learning a lot from her big brother. She can empty a Kleenex box in two seconds flat and she LOVES splashing in the toilet (when her brother is nice enough to open the bathroom door for her!). Together, this pair keeps me on my toes!

She's definitely developed her own personality over the last few months. She is an extrovert through and through. She thrives on attention and loves being around people. She's also a very physical child. She loves to wrestle and play. She instigates 90% of the "fighting" in our house simply by running up to her big brother and pouncing when he's not looking! 

She still has her baby moments, like waking up at 5 am wanting to nurse or crying to be held all day when she's teething. I'll just enjoy (endure?) those moments while I can. Soon enough she'll be a big sister, and I'll have two full-fledged toddlers on my hands. Lord help us! 

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  1. Love the little card at the end! My little one is 10 months and will be 1 in February. On one hand, I can't believe he's almost one (time flies) but on the other hand, I can't believe we've only had him since February - seems like he's always been a part of our lives! :) So precious. Happy birthday to her!

    Nicole @ WorkingKansasHomemaker.com

    1. Thanks! I got a new photo editing software for Christmas and I've been having fun with it!!! I know what you mean about time flying. It seems like we've always had two kids. Babies have a way of taking over your heart, you can't even remember what it was really like before they came along.

  2. Ah she is so precious Katherine! They both are! I always knew you'd make a wonderful mother, you have a great example yourself. Happy birthday to little Cupcake.



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