Gender Reveal and a Link-Up!


I have BIG news for you!!!

This past Tuesday we had our super secret ultrasound, and found out that Baby #3 is a BOY!!!

It was super secret because until last minute we still weren't sure if we wanted to tell anyone or how we wanted to tell them. In the end, we went with the lazy easy route and just told everybody in the plain ole' "Hey, we're having a boy!" kind of way.

The ultrasound was definitely exciting, but it was by far the least dramatic part of my visit. Our doctor's office does the one hour sugar test and the ultrasound on the same day, so that you aren't just waiting around with nothing to do for an hour. Pretty brilliant, unless you are me. 

The visit started well with the yucky orange cough syrup drink and a regular check-up with our OB. The nurse was very clear that I should watch the clock and go to the lab exactly one hour after chugging the orange drink. After my appointment my husband and I waited around, played Draw Something on our phones, and had an ultrasound. 

At exactly 12:07 (3 minutes before I'm supposed to get my blood drawn) the lab tech takes up back to our exam room and tells the nurse we're there. I assume the nurse will come in for my blood draw, but she doesn't, so after 5 minutes I go looking for her and find no one. It's like the entire building is deserted! I wander around until I find another doctor and explain the situation. She assures me she'll send a nurse right away. So I go back and wait.

Ten minutes later a nurse I've never met before comes in and asks if I'm there for my O'Sullivan test. Here is our conversation. 

"Yes, my hour is up and I just need someone to draw my blood."
"You drank the orange stuff?" 
"Yes, and it's been over an hour. I just need to have my blood drawn."
"Have you seen the doctor and had your ultrasound?"
"Umm...yes, like I said, I just need to have my blood drawn."
"Okay, what's your date of birth..." She proceeds to look up my chart and reads the notes. 
"Well, they didn't write down what time you drank the orange stuff. I guess I'll just have to take your word for it."
Excuse me!?!?! Why would I lie? (I didn't say that part out loud of course.)

The nurse then proceeds to rummage around in the drawer and seems confused whether she should use a red tube or a purple tube for this test. I'm no help here, so I try to stay patient despite the fact that it's well past the time I'm supposed to have my blood drawn. The first nurse made a BIG deal about not missing my blood draw. Even the ultrasound tech was very aware of the time and didn't want me to miss my blood draw. 

And here I am...not getting my blood drawn. 

Finally, the nurse is ready to go, and of course, she has trouble finding my veins. I'm a hard stick all the time, but I guess this day was particularly bad. The nurse tried for several minutes to get my veins to pop up and seemed very uncertain when she finally stuck me. She dug around in my arm for quite a while mummering to herself the whole time. 

"I felt it right there. Why you do this to me? I was nice to you. I even played with you. Why you don't like me? I don't deserve this. Stop rolling. I felt it right there. Why we got to do this the hard way?"
I was cracking up. She didn't stop talking to my veins the entire time she was trying to draw my blood. She ended up sticking me twice, once in the arm and once in the hand before finally giving up. 

At this point she starts drilling me, "Are you anemic? Have you had any water? Why didn't you put warm towels on your hand?" I just smiled and acted really, really nice. I wasn't feeling really nice, but she didn't need to know that. 

She called my original nurse to come in and they proceed to "help" each other draw my blood. They ended up having to use another vein in my hand, and it took an eternity to get enough blood. The not-so-good nurse counted the drops of blood out loud as each one slowly trickled into the tube. 

And the worst part: my hand was swollen and hurt so much it was pretty much useless the rest of the day. Do you know how hard it is to type on Facebook one handed? Pain and suffering I tell you! Let's just say I won't be getting blood drawn there again anytime soon.

Now, enough about me, let's see what you have to say this week!

This week I'm featuring Hannah @ Supermommy!...or not. 

Check out her post 30 Random Acts of Kindness To Do With Your Kids. Hannah has some truly creative ideas that kids can really get in to!

I'm also featuring Caroline @ Anchored In His Grace and her post Parenting Resources and What to Look For. 


I'm always on the hunt for new parenting resources that are practical and scriptural. I'd love to hear what your favorites are!

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  1. A baby boy!!!! How exciting!!! But what an awful experience with the blood draw! Glad the nurse was finally able to get it taken care of. I'm thrilled that you shared the news with us, and thank you for the feature! ~ Caroline @ Anchored In His Grace

  2. Congratulations on another baby boy! I have my glucose test this coming week and while I'm not looking forward to the drink *shudder*, I am looking forward to sitting at the dr's office for an hour while my sister watches my kids at home. It's like a mini-vacation and I'm bringing one of my neglected books :)

  3. Yea!! Whew. I sure hope that doesn't happen during mine. Warm towels on your hands?? What is that supposed to do? I have my glucose test New Years Eve. Better than the day after Christmas which is when they tried to schedule me.

  4. YAAAAAAAY!!!!! Congrats friend!!!! ;DDDDD



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