The Truth About Thanksgiving


I've debated whether I should actually share this or not. I'm not really one to stir up undue controversy, and yet today of all days should be a day centered around the truth. No one wants to be lied too, especially not on Thanksgiving.

So here it is, the truth.

I hate Thanksgiving. It's a biblical kind of hatred, as in if you love the one you hate the other kind of a deal. I don't harbor any resentment or bitterness toward Thanksgiving. I just don't like it.

I don't like turkey. It's a dry meat, and I've never had one I didn't just want to dip in BBQ sauce.
I don't like stuffing, or cranberries, or sweet potatoes gooped up with marsh mellows and sugar. What a terrible idea! Sweet potatoes are already sweet. Just bake them and eat them. Maybe add a little cheese.

I also don't like football or marching bands or giant balloon floats on TV. Those things are well and good on their own, but stuff them into a 19 inch square box and you take most of the fun out of it. (But I have a 72 inch HD flat screen with surround sound and yada, yada, yada....boring.)

And because we are being honest, let me tell you, I don't like pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, even chocolate pie! What happened to good old fashioned cake? (Of course, we can't have any this year, so go ahead! Make all the pie you want!)

So you'd think that today of all days I would be most miserable. I mean if Thanksgiving were all about the food and the football, I'd pretty much just skip it and sleep until Christmas. Goodness knows I could use the nap!

But today isn't really about all those things, so this morning I rolled out of bed, slipped on my house shoes, and stumbled to the kitchen navigating the piles of dirty laundry and sneaky toy cars. And I was thankful.

I don't want to blow Thanksgiving out of portion. There is nothing inherently special about this day. Scripture teaches us to be thankful every day. But still, it's good to take a break every now and then to be intentional about giving thanks.

We take time to stop and really think about the blessings we've been given.

Today in particular I'm thankful to be woken up by the thump-thump of little feet in my belly. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who stayed up late to clean the kitchen so I could have a fresh start this morning. I'm thankful for a little boy who gets up at 6 am to read for an hour before breakfast. I'm thankful for a sweet little girl who always has a good morning smile for her tired mommy. And I'm so very thankful for peanut butter pancakes, fresh bananas, and milk.

These are the first of many blessings this day will bring. The blessings of friends, family, and lots of laughter.

So whatever you're doing today, whatever goodness is on your holiday menu, I hope that you have much to be thankful for. Because today, like every day, has been given to us by the Lord and it is full his blessings and his mercies.

Be grateful for the Lord your God is gracious.

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