Proof My Husband Really Does Love Me More


The other day we went on a nature walk at our local park. Strollers aren't really an off road kind of vehicle so we decided to let Rooster walk while Evan wore Cupcake in the baby carrier. It was slow going, but Rooster did great! He made it about ½ mile before calling it quits, but of course we were still ½ mile from the trail head, so someone was going to have to carry him.

What was I doing while my husband was carrying both our children? I was being pregnant and taking lots of pictures.

This is just one more proof that my husband really does love me more.

My husband and I are past the “honeymoon” phase of marriage and well on our way to “the kids are starting to outnumber us” phase of marriage. I do miss the quality time we used to have together.  I miss fancy dinners and date nights. I miss getting flowers (from a real florist!).

But if I had to pick, I’d trade that honeymoon in for this kind of love any day.

The kind of love that sacrifices together for our family.
The kind of love that prays together and works out our disagreements.  
The kind of love that stays up late to wash dishes and gets up early to make breakfast.
The kind of love carries all the weight on long nature hikes with little ones.

These are the moments I hold close to my heart. Real love and real marriage.

How has your husband shown you love recently? How have you demonstrated your love appreciation? 

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  1. He surprised me with a magazine instead of sweet things! Lol. Sounds strange, but was so considerate!

  2. Loved reading this! I laughed at the picture of your husband, what a trooper! You are so right, I'd trade the honeymoon phase in for this sacrificial love any day. :) ~~Caroline @ Anchored In His Grace



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