Coffee for the Soul {Coming November 2013}


Who can't live without their coffee in the morning?

Okay, so I don't actually drink coffee, but I've heard that LOTS of people think a steaming Cup of Joe is best way to start their day off right.

It's warm and caffeinated! It gives you that burst of "wake-up!" energy that you need first thing in the morning. 

But have you noticed that sometimes you need that same burst of energy in your spiritual life? Just a few sips of something warm and full of truth that will give you a renewed perspective on your otherwise very busy day. 

That's why I'm excited about this great new devotional blog, Coffee for the Soul. 

Coffee for the Soul is a collaborative effort by women just like you. We are wives and mothers, homemakers and entrepreneurs. We feel the same pressures of life that you do, and we are walking each day completely dependent on the Word of God. We know that we need to take time each day to examine the truth of scripture, to renew our perspective, and to seek the kingdom of God. 

And each day one of us is going to share her own personal journey with you. We want to share the spiritual lessons we are learning with you. We want to share our struggles and our joys in a way that puts the Word of God first. 

This isn't just another blog. It's a collection of wisdom from real moms founded completely on the Word of God. We want these devotionals to be a steaming cup of coffee to warm your hands and your hearts on those cold winter mornings. 

Won't you join us?  

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