Pin the Leaves on the Tree Craft {Free Printable}


So after my rousing success with finger painting Sunday, I'm starting to think that this whole crafty mom thing might not be so hard after all. So today, I have Autumn Inspiration project #2. 

For this project you'll need: 
A Copy of the Fall Leaves Printable {Download here}
Several pieces of colorful printer paper
Brown butcher paper
Scotch tape

I printed out 6 copies of my Fall Leaves Printable using yellow, cream, and red paper. Then spent 30 minutes cutting out leaves while watching one of my shows on Hulu (it was productive laziness!)

Next, I made a two foot tall tree out of butcher paper and taped it to an empty wall which just so happens to be blue. Lucky! I'll show you my bare tree, but you have to promise not to laugh. It's proof that you don't have to be artistic to make a tree! It's for my two-year-old anyway. What does he know about trees? 

Then I gathered my leaves and had my husband put scotch tape on the back while I showed Rooster how to "pin the leaves on the tree." To be honest, Rooster was having a really rough afternoon up until this point. He was throwing a dramatic tantrum that pretty much vanished when he got distracted by our tree project. I guess smacking leaves to the wall is good therapy for a two-year-old {smile}.

And our finished result? A pretty tree and a happy little boy!
Click here to download our leaves and start decorating!

*Next time I'll take the time to laminate my leaves, so they can be reused. It would definitely take more time, but we could stick and re-stick again and again!
*I may consider adding more leaves if we try this project again. Our tree is a little puny looking. I just got tired of cutting leaves! 
*If you don't have butcher paper you could always use brown construction paper, or use the back of some wrapping paper and just color it brown.
*If you want to add another step for older kids, print the leaves on white paper and color them!

A note about Rooster's temper tantrum: 
If you'll notice, Rooster is wearing two shirts in these pictures. The orange shirt was the shirt he was wearing all morning. It was damp, sweaty and covered with food stains, so after nap time my husband made him put a clean shirt on. Rooster cried for 30 minutes. Complete, brokenhearted wailing, until finally we let him put the orange shirt back on over his clean shirt. Oh my. I'm seriously not ready for a toddler. 

Interested in more fun Autumn inspiration? Check out Autumn Inspiration Week from the Inspired Blogger Network! Lots of great recipes, crafts, and home decor for Fall.

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  1. I love this Katherine!! David will have a blast. Great idea, definitely pinning :) Glad the little tike is okay haha I was making a pancake for David and he cried because I wouldn't let him eat the butter. Like the container of butter lol Oh brother...



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