Babies & Beyond Link-Up #13


Welcome back to Babies & Beyond! Before we get started I have an announcement to make. 

The Babies & Beyond link-up is MOVING! Starting next week the link-up will go live on Monday evenings at 8 pm (EST). That's 7 pm for all my central standard time friends. And yes, I'm clarifying that because I had to google it. I hate time zones. 

Why are we moving the link-up? Because Sundays are busy, and most of us have other things on our mind, like making sure everyone gets to church with two shoes on. Remembering to link-up is just too much. We also LOVE the idea of having an evening link-up. I do my best blogging after the kids go to bed, so having a link-up for those evening mommy bloggers seems ideal!

Now on to the good stuff. We have two new babies and birth stories!!!

Sarah @ D-Isis welcomed Sebastian James on Sept 4!
Click here to read his birth story. 

Denee @ More or Less Crunchy welcomed Marlena Suzanne on August 31!
Click here to read her birth story. 

This week's featured mom is Gabrielle @ MamaGab and her post To the Discouraging in the Parking Lot of Kohl's at 7:30 on a Thursday Night

This post made me cry! I know these days with little ones are hard, but they are so very wonderful! Very encouraging post! 

And don't forget to check out the Babies and Beyond Pintrest Board to see if any of the hosts pinned your post! You can also follow all of your lovely co-host on Pintrest as well!

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  1. Katherine, thank you so much for featuring my post! I have been amazed and humbled at all the moms who enjoyed it. I didn't realize it would strike such a nerve with so many moms.



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