16 Weeks: Is that a Baby Belly?


Is that a baby belly? Where did that come from? Usually I would say it was from ice cream and pizza cravings. However, I've been eating reasonably and working out this pregnancy, so I'm going to guess that's just baby! 

I'm 16 weeks along which seems CRAZY! We are one month form the half way point. It's hard to believe that time has flown so quickly, but I guess when you are chasing after kids  you just don't have time to think about being pregnant. 

Good thing Baby doesn't need my attention. She is growing like a weed. We heard her heartbeat again at my appointment this past week, and she was hiding a good 2 inches higher than we expected her. It was a scary experience as it took the doctor a looong time to find her. Talk about a stressed out mom!

We did switch to a new doctor this week. My first baby was delivered by an OB/GYN, but my second was delivered by a regular MD (who has delivered babies since before I was born!). The price was drastically different! So after talking with an OB/GYN and another MD, we've decided to stick with a family practice doctor. It kind of makes me feel weird to say that we chose our doctor based on price, but honestly, this will be our third set of hospital bills in a very short time frame. Price is important! 

One of the different things about this practice is that they don't do mid-point ultrasounds until 26-28 weeks. This means I have until late November to decide if we are going to find out the gender of the baby.

We get to know the gender of the baby. 
We can have a big gender reveal party. 
We get to unpack, wash, and put away baby clothes before baby gets here. 
We get to repaint our nursery and pick out new bedding if it's a girl! 
(Soon, Rooster and Cupcake will be sharing a room which means, my very boyish nursery could become a cute girly room if necessary.)

I want to be surprised! 

That about sums it up. The practical side of me says that knowing ahead of time would be great, but we already have all the stuff we need for a boy or girl, so why not do some extra laundry and be surprised?

The pregnancy exhaustion is finally getting better; however, Cupcake isn't sleeping as well as she use to so that's stealing some of my precious sleep time. Lately she's been nursing twice before waking up the morning. Once around 10-11 pm and again around 5 am. I honestly think it's just a bad habit, but since I need to keep my milk supply up I'm going to continue getting up joyfully. I know I may have to wean her before her first birthday, and it breaks my heart. In the meantime, I'll let that girl get as much breast milk as she wants while everything is still going well!

Check out the Growing Babies page if you want a list of all past pregnancy updates and birth stories!

Anyone else out there keep the gender a surprise? Have any great gender reveal party ideas? 

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  1. You look so cute!! Thanks for sharing. I found your post over at The Modest Mom. I have visited before but not for a while.

  2. Ooh, love belly pics! You look thrivingly :) I can't believe it costs you to have a baby! In NZ, it's all free - prenatal, birth and post-natal care. We don't pay for kids at the doc's til they're 5 as well. Come live here :) Lol. So glad you're feeling better!

    1. Oh, and we didn't know the gender of our baby. It was so hard not knowing but gosh, the amazing joy at birth was amazing. My husband says there are so few true surprises in life {rather than all the bad ones!}, so we'll probably always do it :)

    2. haha! We would love to come to New Zealand! Health care here is crazy and just getting worse :(

  3. You are so cute!! I have to say I LOVED knowing we were having a girl. To each their own, honestly, but I thought it was so much fun to get ready for a girl and not only a baby. We could call her by her name too which made me feel all that more bonded to her before she was born. But I have had a lot of friends who really enjoyed the surprise too!

    1. I would have been miserable not knowing the first two times, but now I have the stuff for both and there really isn't a whole lot to prepare for, except painting the room she won't use for the first three months! The name thing is funny too. I like calling baby by name, but it drives me crazy when other people talk to my belly and use the baby's name. I guess maybe by the 30 week mark I'm just a little too touchy...:)

  4. I look almost exactly the same right now-but mine seems to be more of a bloat than baby. Oh well. Is there a reason that they wait until so late to determine gender? Once we have a boy and girl we say we won't find out the gender of the rest, but that's easier said than done! Good luck-you're lookin' cute!! p.s. to reveal the gender this time I will be making scratch-off cards to mail to family (who live pretty far away.) We will text them which side to scratch off at some point during the day we find out. :)

    1. Cute idea! So fun :) And I don't know why they wait to late. I didn't ask at my appointment, because there were other things on my mind. We go back in at 19 weeks and I'll ask for sure! If there's not a good reason, I want to see that baby! lol

  5. With my third I really wanted a surprise but my husband wanted to find out. So we had the ultrasound tech write the gender down and only my husband looked. So he knew all along:) Yet I was hugely surprised at delivery. It was FUN. Plus, like you we already had a boy and a girl so I had everything we needed...just not perfectly ready.

    Good luck deciding!

  6. I'm just too hopeless at waiting ... I read the end of books first :-) ... so just had to find out.

    I would love for you to share this and your other baby posts at the Friday Baby Shower - a link party for all things pregnancy and new baby ... Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  7. I'm just now reading this so sorry if I'm chiming in too late. When I was pregnant with Christian (our 3rd) we decided to not find out. We had a boy and a girl already so either way, we'd have what we needed. I don't regret that decision, but my labor and delivery (emergency C-section) greatly overshadowed finding out his gender. It was still fun seeing how those that gave us gifts were able to find clothes and other baby items that could work for either gender - and even though his first few hours were scary, Christian has been such a blessing to our family. No matter what you decide Baby #3 will make you wonder how your family of 4 ever seemed complete - even for a day. Congratulations is in order for your growing family!



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