Life Without a Hair Dryer


About 9 months ago our microwave died. It just stopped working, and instead of buying a new one we just learned to live without it. I have more space on my countertop, and we are far less likely to eat unhealthy convenience foods. It turned out to be a great thing!

Then 6 months ago our ice maker stopped working. I'm pretty sure it just needs a new water filter, but instead of replacing it we just started using ice cube trays. It's annoying, but cheaper than a new water filter (Which after 6 months is really a lame excuse not to have a new water filter. We have the money. We're just lazy).

Then 2 months ago, I decided to stop using my clothes dryer. It still works. I just decided that I would hang all our clothes outside on the line and save myself money on our electric bill (money which I could use to buy a new water filter, if I wasn't so lazy). Some weeks are harder than others, like when it rains all week, but most of the time I really enjoy it. 

Then 3 weeks ago my hair dryer broke. The heating element stopped getting hot, and let me tell you, cold air does not dry hair very efficiently.

Now because I highly value consistency and not spending money on things I don't need, I decided to see what life without a hair dryer is like. With these few simple rules in place I managed to make it almost a month without drying my hair.

1. Wash your hair early in the day. Preferably before you hang your clothes on the line (sun dried hair)

2. Get used to having wet hair in public. This is especially useful if you frequently forget to wash your hair until it's time to walk out the door.

3. Wear a ponytail. Dirty or wet, no one really cares if it's in a ponytail. 

OR you could just buy a new hair dryer, which is what I finally did.  
Nice, New, Shiny, and worth the $20 it costs to have dry hair at the touch of a button. Now we know. Microwave? No. Hair Dryer? Absolutely


What normal conveniences or appliances do you live without? Anything you wouldn't want to give up? 


  1. I don't blow dry my hair (too lazy, I guess) so living without a hair dryer is no problem whatsoever. A microwave...not in a hundred years! :)

  2. I almost never use my hair dryer. Seriously MAYBE 2 times a year, if that. I know I've gone years without it and the only times I have used it were because I was rushed to get ready for something important that I actually had to dress up for. During the summer, I take my shower in the evening.....because cold hair keeps me cooler on hot summer nights. In the winter, I shower in the morning. I pretty much always keep my hair in a pony tail because it's long and I have four kids, so it's out of the way. Personally, I'd just get rid of the hair dryer. Much less damage to your hair. :)

  3. I normally don't blow dry my hair because I shower at night after Evie goes to sleep. ;)
    I like your ways of saving money! I call myself spoiled now because as I child I literally did without a lot of things for a certain time because all of our stuff eventually broke and my parents could never afford to buy another one right off the bat. Like the microwave, I NEVER used a dish washer until I married Leon lol, washer & dryer machine and stuff like that. When Leon and I buy a house I def plan on hanging clothes on the line again. It's so peaceful & relaxing on a Spring day. :)

  4. I never had used hair dryer as hair dryer is dreadful for hairs.It uses heat that may burn our hairs. So, I can say that it is one of the causes of hair falls.



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