Babies & Beyond Link-Up #5


Welcome back to Babies and Beyond! We hit a new record this past week with over 50 posts linked up. Thanks for joining us and PLEASE continue to invite your friends and fellow bloggers to link-up and read through these great posts. 

This week I chose to feature Jennifer @ Growing Up Triplets

temper tantrums

1. Those toddlers are simply adorable. ADORABLE!

2. We know all about temper tantrums at our house. I have much respect for a momma that can keep her cool when she's got three of those beauties screaming and grabbing at her leg. 

3. Jennifer offers us a great reminder that discipline is fruitful if we are consistent! God will give us the grace to parent our children if we are firm and loving. We won't get it right every single time, but as parents, we have plenty of opportunities to keep practicing!

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