Cupcake: 6 Months


My baby girl is 6 months old! 
She is a chunk and quite a character! I love those beautiful, perfectly healthy, chubby cheeks. 

She is rolling, rolling, rolling. I can't keep this girl in one place. She loves to explore and will play on the floor for hours. Seriously, hours. Everything is a toy. Why play with rattles and baby dolls when there are curtains hanging around?

She still eats nothing but breast milk, and between you and me I'll probably wait another month on real food. I'm just not ready! I've started giving her little bites of things here and there, but I think she really just wants to play with the spoon. I've heard lots of good things about baby led weaning, but honestly, I don't want to have to deal with the mess all the time! Maybe that makes me a bad practical mom, but I'd rather just spoon feed her and contain the mess as long as possible.

She is sleeping really well. We went back to a 10 pm "dream feed" a few weeks ago because we were having trouble with her waking at 4 am. Now she goes to bed at 8 pm, eats at 10 pm without really waking up, and sleeps until 6 am. I'd love for her to sleep until 7 am, but it's just not going to happen. I've made peace with it. I can feed her at 6 am and be running at 6:30 am, so it works out pretty well. Except I'd rather sleep till 7 am. 

She adores her big brother. She watches him with amazement every time he comes near her. I can just see her trying to figure out how he is moving so fast and talking to much. He is constant entertainment (which is great for me!). He, likewise, loves his little sister. He mostly loves to wrestle with her and tickle her toes, but don't worry. She can hold her own (with constant supervision of course!)

What's next for Cupcake? I'm kind of hoping she just stays little for a while longer. She is still very much a baby, but also big enough to play, laugh and interact with us. It's the best of both worlds! Stay little! Stay little!


 (Note: My husband dressed Cupcake this morning; however, she is in fact not her daddy's girl. She is her mommy's girl because she likes to eat...a lot. I win.)

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  1. So sweet!!

    We thought about baby-led weaning and we did sort of a hybrid of that. I was not a fan of the mess, either!

    He's 18 months now and eats everything we eat- just smaller chunks. I usually give him a few good spoonfuls of his meal and then let him at it. Some ends up in his mouth, most on the floor, but I think it's great practice- and not as messy as a younger infant.

  2. She is so cute. :)

  3. She is too cute! And I love her chubby cheeks too :)

    That is some awesome sleep going on! My wee boy is four months in a week and he's down at 7pm with a dreamfeed at 10pm, a feed between 2-3am and goes to 7.30am. I'm pretty happy with that in the sense I don't feel tired, but I am looking forward to him dropping that middle of the night sleep...Oh, consecutive hours of sleep! Amazing!

    You're such a great mum, Cupcake is turning out beautifully!

  4. I am so with you on the solids thing. It can be a big pain - especially if its not really needed! Food before one is just for fun, or something like that.

  5. Aww, she is so adorable and that pretty smile!!! Mine is 6 months, too, and she LOVES to roll around. If she sees something and wants it, she rolls to it, haha.

    I hear ya on the baby led weaning - I do a mixture of both baby pureed foods and letting her try on her own, but what a mess to clean after. She ate sliced/mashed Avocado for dinner - whew she needed a bath after. :) But it was fun to watch, too ;)

    Your Baby is very pretty!!

    Bibi from Simple Summit



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