The Buckle Bandit, Room Time, and Table Manners


We have a very sneaky {almost} 20 month old running around our house these days. We call him the Buckle Bandit! This little ball of energy has recently learned how to snap a buckle and finds it highly entertaining. 

Of course, he has yet to learn how to unbuckle anything, so we've taken this opportunity to teach him how to ask for help without whining. Rooster snaps the carseat/swing/highchair buckle then runs to mom or dad and signs the word "help". He can't say "help" yet (because he doesn't say anything!), but he's been pretty quick to pick up on simple sign language. We take what we can get!

As long as he signs "help" without whining, I patiently unbuckle his toy for continued amusement. I love watching him practice this new skill. I marvel at how quickly he's growing and how fast he's becoming a little boy. He's not a baby anymore!

We've also recently started practicing "room time" with Rooster. Room time is much like blanket time except that instead of being confined to a blanket, the boundaries are his bedroom. I was amazed at how quickly Rooster adjusted to the new set of rules, and how well he plays independently. Most of the time he spends the entire 30 mins sitting in his recliner looking at books and "reading" to himself. Love it!

Of course, Rooster often plays in his room throughout the day, but the purpose of room time isn't just to teach him to play in his room but to do so when I tell him to. It's a simple way to train him in obedience and teach him to respect boundaries. Plus, there are different times during the day when I need to prepare a meal, wash my hair, or make an important phone call, and it's such a blessing to know I can put him in a safe place, and he'll stay there (hopefully without throwing a fit)

And like all good parents, we've started working on table manners. The newest dinner time fun involves dipping anything in everything

Rooster first discovered his love for dipping over chips and salsa at our favorite Mexican restaurant, but it has quickly escalated into a dipping obsession. I was giving him ranch, bbq sauce, or honey to dip things in, but after a few days I realized the added sugar at every meal wasn't doing us any favors. I changed it up to add more protein and vegetables, including peanut butter, homemade soup, and salsa. Hey, if it's dippable we've tried it. Right now the weirdest combination has been apples dipped in chili! So strange! 

I tell ya, he's one crazy kid, but he is such a joy to be around. I love seeing him learn new things and we rejoice with him when he finally gets something right. Whether it's learning to snap a buckle or balancing toys on his head (they don't stay on there long enough for me to get a picture!), this little boy always amazes me. 

I'm one proud momma. 

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  1. We have been working with my little girl on whining as well, it has been quite the process. I am your newest follower from mommy moments. Come check out my link party on Thursday called Instagram Thursday.

  2. One of my sons went through a dip everything in anything phase as well. I believe one of the ones he tried was M&Ms dipped in Ranch. :-/ He liked it!

  3. I think it's that age! I think all of my kids started buckling around that age. But my kids just buckle and run. Then when I go to put the baby in the swing, carseat or anything with buckles, I have to unbuckle it one-handed. I've gotten pretty good over the years.

    I think I need to try the blanket/room time thing!

    Rooster is getting so big! I'm glad you added his update to the link up!



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