Our Happy Anniversary Story: How We Met


Today is our Anniversary. My husband and I have been married four years! Good job team!!!

Today I thought it would be fun to share the story of how we met (and share a few random pictures). It's a story we tell each other often. It's a reminder of how God works even in the little things to use us for His honor and glory.

It all started with my mother. From the time that I was little my mother prayed that God would find me a loving, Godly husband, and I have no doubt that in July of 2008 God answered her prayer.

I didn't go to church camp looking for a guy. Honest! A friend and I took six little girls to camp who were all about bright nail polish and pig tails. We didn't have time for boys!

However, the first day we were there my dad came up to me and told me I need to meet a guy named Evan. My dad had talked to Evan's dad, and they thought we'd "get along." I liked to sing. Evan liked to sing. I like to read. Evan liked to read.

I rolled my eyes and smartly told my dad that "Girls, don't make the first move!" If Evan wanted to talk to me, he would have to do it himself. However, my dad's words put a spark in my heart that lingered with me through the week. I started to notice Evan everywhere, and began to hope that maybe we would get a chance to talk before the week was over.

Evan's story starts differently than mine. He never knew about the conversation between our dads. He first noticed me walking to the dining hall that evening and was instantly captivated by my beauty! (I'd say I'm just kidding, but you should ask him. Apparently, I'm the girl of his dreams...).

The first thing he noticed was my bright red hair. Early that summer I had dyed my hair a nice red color just to prove I could. I'd always wanted red hair and that summer just seemed like a good time to do it. Remember this! It's important. 

Of course, Evan didn't talk to me then. It takes a lot of courage to talk to just walk up and start a conversation with a pretty girl. However, during the week God constantly brought me to his attention. He likes to say I was a "mother hen in red pig tails," spending most of my time that week mothering the girls I'd brought to camp.

But still, no conversation. In fact, as the last day of camp rolled around I was beginning to lose hope that we'd get to talk at all. However, that afternoon I got a chance to sing with the camp praise band during practice. I was singing my little heart out and suddenly Evan was on stage singing too. I'm still not sure how it happened except to say that God put us in the right place at the right time.

What followed was the most awkward 15 minutes ever. Let me set the scene for you.

I'm standing on stage with my dad and three of his cronies.
The cute guy I've been secretly spying on all week suddenly comes up beside me.
And I now have to focus on singing and not staring at him.
Plus, I can't stop thinking how much bigger his mouth looks up close and personal.

After practice, we made fumbled through our introductions and gave each other those flirty smiles and went our separate ways, but that night Evan purposed in his heart to find me and continue the conversation. I still remember seeing him walk over to me after worship, tall, dark, and handsome. Okay, it was nighttime so I couldn't really see him very well, but I now know he's very handsome (wink, wink).

We hung out with a group of friends and flirted back and forth. It was fun, but looking back I can tell you we were ridiculous. I've never been more nervous and self-conscious in my life!

We stayed out late that night and talked after others had gone to bed. Of course, our parents were watching us from a distance the entire time, but we didn't know that! We exchanged email addresses and said goodnight.

(I want to take a moment and say that Evan insists that he asked for my phone number and I gave him my email instead. He's wrong. He most definitely asked for my email of all things! But we can just agree to disagree. The Lord worked it out.)

Two days after we got home from camp Evan emailed me. That started a two month email conversation that  culminated in him driving 6 hours to kiss me for the first time. We were engaged by Thanksgiving and married in May.

What I love about our simple story is how the hand of God was evident all along the way. God had a way of making sure we couldn't miss each other that week at camp. We lived on opposite corners of the state. We were both busy with school and work. We weren't looking for a relationship, but those things didn't matter to God. He had a plan better than anything I could have dreamed for myself!

But just in case you need a little more proof that this was God's plan all along...When Evan was 16 he made a list of things he wanted in a wife. In fact, he even carried it around in his wallet for a while. It had all the typical things on it, Christian, compassionate, good cook, great with kids, loves to sing, and just for fun he added "red hair" to the list. If God was going to give him to girl of his dreams she might as well have red hair.

Funny how God works sometimes, isn't it?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your love story so much, it's sweet and God is awesome!

  2. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. :-)



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