Throwback Thursday: Pregnancy


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I have two, and they both say the same thing.
BIG, tired, and pregnant.

In the first picture I was 39 weeks pregnant with Rooster. In the second I was 38 weeks pregnant with Cupcake. 

Talk about awesome! Looking back I can't help but smile. Yes, I was very uncomfortable, worried, stressed out, tired, and big. Very big.

But what seemed so never-ending at the time was in reality just a few short weeks. And really, a few short weeks of pain and inconvenience is a small price to pay for beautiful little people.

From the time I conceived Rooster (Dec 2010) to the time I gave birth to Cupcake (Dec 2012) was two years. Just two years! It's amazing how quickly God can work!

Today I thank the Lord for His blessings, for entrusting these children to our care, for allowing me to be their mother.

You'll notice I've added a new page at the top of my blog called "Growing Babies". There you'll find a list of all my past pregnancy and baby updates along with posts about family planning and birth control. 

Whether your little ones are grown and gone or you are still waiting on the Lord's blessings for your family, I pray these posts encourage you to remember that God is always faithful to bring that which He promises to completion. Pregnancy is a short season that brings eternal rewards.


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  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience! :)



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