Going to the Zoo


I love the zoo. I love being outside. I love walking around. I love watching other people and commenting on their parenting style. I also love learning new things and getting to see animals up close and personal (as long as they are well contained and I don't have to touch them)

But today I discovered that loving the zoo is even better when your kids love it too! 

Well...at least Rooster loved it. Cupcake was only awake for the first 5 minutes or so. 

Rooster had a lot of fun looking at the animals. He wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but once he realized that those strange things moved and made funny noises he was very excited. 

So excited that he just really, really wanted to get in the exhibits to play with them!

Good things we decided before going into the zoo that toddlers who like to run and jump and climb should not be allowed out of their strollers, even if said toddler can't see the elephants. Lucky for us, we have a daddy that doesn't mind picking up stroller and all! Such a team player!

We did relent and let Roster out to run around toward the end of our visit. This play area was the perfect size for my little guy! 

Rooster and Daddy played while Cupcake got some much needed attention from her mommy. Please excuse the grumpy look on her face. She wasn't in the mood for pictures. 

"Put that camera away! I'm ready to eat."

We also had to stop on the way home for the porker sweet girl to eat again. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Rooster to the DVD player in our new van. You will notice the progression from hesitant confusion to giggling delight followed by an hour and a half of zoning out. He watched the same video 3 times before we got home. Ridiculous. 

 As you can see we had quite a big day! Going to the zoo is definitely a lot more work than it used to be though. In fact, everything is a lot more work than it used to be. Of course, it's a lot more rewarding too! We are so blessed!!!

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  1. We love the zoo, too!

    My son loves animals. And loves to run around.

    Our zoo also has a play area and a few open grassy spots for him to let loose =)



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