John 3:16 Day: Plan to Celebrate!


Well folks, it's that time again! John 3:16 days is less than a week away!

What's John 3:16 day? It's the day our family chooses to intentionally celebrate the love of God by loving and encouraging other people through random acts of kindness, and of course, what better day than March 16th (3-16, get it?).  It's our own self-proclaimed holiday!

The idea for John 3:16 day wasn't completely my own. I'm not sure where it originated, but apparently lots of people recognize it as an extra special day. Last year we celebrated by taking flowers to church members, cookies to our neighbors, passing out tracks, and well you get the idea. We wanted to do whatever we could to brighten someone's day! (Read about John 3:16 Day 2012 here!)

This year I have several new ideas and fun projects up my sleeve. I'm even hoping to branch out and get a few of our friends involved in my festivities. Because really, you can't keep such an amazing holiday to yourself!

One way I want to share the fun, is by encouraging you (yes you, the one reading these words right now!) to celebrate with us. Join us this week as I share several posts about John 3:16 and what it means to love your neighbor. 

I also encourage you to plan your own John 3:16 day activities! They don't have to be elaborate to get your point across. Smile at people this week, give an old friend a phone call, take food to a busy mother, or just flood your Facebook page with post about God's love and the Good News of Jesus!

Come, join us and let your light shine!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea!

    We just heard an announcement at church today that we're planning a "prayer walk"- walking through the community, inviting our neighbors to Easter service, and offering our prayers.

    Now I wonder if it was intentionally planned for John 3:16? Only our pastor knows =)



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