Happy John 3:16 Day


 Happy John 3:16 Day!

We've had quite a day, not exactly what I'd expected. I woke up to two very fussy babies.  Like so fussy everybody went down for a nap an hour after getting up. 

However, by lunch time we were mostly back to normal...mostly. 

We had a great afternoon though. We passed out out 25 bags of cookies! Well, it was more like 23 bags. Rooster ate two bags. He wasn't happy unless he had a cookie in one hand and a bag in the other.

We started the day at our local state park. We wanted to give the friendly park rangers some cookies and ended up giving out almost half our stash and a few gospel tracks. Apparently the first Saturday of Spring Break is a great day to go to the park with your family!

Teacup also enjoyed passing out cookies. I'm well known in our neighborhood as the "pregnant lady who walks a lot" (apparently everyone is super impressed by my commitment to exercise). It was nice to get to show off our little one to our neighbors. 

We did have to cut our visiting a little shorter than I'd hoped though. More than once I had to grab Rooster before he darted into people's houses. He didn't understand the whole stand on the porch and talk thing. He was ready to get inside and play!

 Overall, we had a good day, but I am tired. With the cookies and tracks we passed out, plus the encouragement cards we mailed yesterday, we were able to show kindness to over 50 people today!  It was really hard at first, but as the day went on some of the awkwardness wore off, and I really started enjoying the adventure. Can't wait till next year!

Happy John 3:16 Day Everyone!!!

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