Priorities: The Not So Perfect Post


Having a baby makes you reevaluate your priorities. Having a second baby makes you wonder why you even have priorities in the first place.

Let's face it. If it doesn't involve eating or sleeping, it just doesn't get done around here. Over the past few weeks our lives have pretty much revolved around our kids, making sure they well fed, well rested, generally happy, and relatively obedient. It's a big job, and it requires most of my time and energy during the day, which means very little is left for other things.

Some of those other things are really not important to me, and I'm simply willing to let them go. Things like Pintrest and clean toilets (I'd love to say I'm kidding, but it's been a really long time since someone's cleaned the toilets...).

However, other things are too important to give up on entirely. Things like blogging, cooking with real food, and of course, my daily devotional time. These things matter to me. They are priorities. At least, I thought they were until I found myself pressed for time and energy. 

More often than not I end up wasting my small amounts of free time on other less important things. Things like Facebook  reading, and playing silly online word games. These things are easy, fun, and entertaining. Just a few minutes couldn't hurt, right?

One of the biggest challenges I've had over the past month is learning to set aside those entertaining things in favor of more important things, even if it's just a few minutes at a time!

I've had to choose between checking Facebook or reading my Bible, between another chapter of a fiction book or getting dinner on the table. For a good Christian mother these should be easy decisions (right?), but still I find myself struggling to let go of the selfishness that comes so naturally. I struggle to do the right thing when the easy thing to so much more enjoyable!

Now, this is the part of the post when a good blogger would offer you 10 easy steps for managing your time and balancing your priorities, but I'm sorry to say that this isn't that post and I'm definitely not that blogger. 

I don't have any tips or advice on how to manage daily devotions, laundry, and feeding schedules. I don't know how you're supposed to get all the work done without sacrificing time spent with your family and with God. I can't even manage a simple trip to the grocery store without an entourage of diaper bags, shopping cart covers, sippy cups and car seats. Who am I to act like I have it all together!?!?

No, there will be no advice given today. No, happy ending to a pretty little post. 

I just don't have time to write one. 

Instead I'm going to post this like it is, imperfections and all, and use the rest of my evening to catch up on my Bible reading. 

Priorities. It's all about priorities. 

*I was going to include of picture of my dirty toilets, just so you know how much time I've wasted on Facebook, but I couldn't find the camera. So you get two random pictures of my favorite little priorities instead. Lucky you!


  1. This is a great post. With one I can manage ... all my OCD tendencies while they are still present are muted some. Now ... with two, I'm sure I will start to feel just like you.

    Thank you for linking your favorite post this week to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured :)


  2. Since reading your blog, I feel like I know you. I wish I was there to help you while you're re-adjusting to the new little one. I can clean a mean toilet! ; ) I can also identify with this post, INSANELY.

  3. I enjoyed this post - probably because it's so easy to relate to!! I would love for you to share this tomorrow at my blog link up party:

  4. I love your honesty and am so thankful for a mum like you, keeping it real. I'm so close to joining your ranks of newbornhood - for the first time!

    You can do it! Mummy friends have said if Baby is fed, clothed and sleeping that is a day's work done well. Anything is extra. Keep going!

  5. I only have one baby and I still don't have very clean toilets. LOL. I figure a sign of a good day is a happy, clean well fed baby.

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

  6. I think those two little cuties are your top priorities too! The toilets will still be dirty and ready to be cleaned someday. Don't be too hard on yourself for getting on FB. SAHM's often feel isolated so if FB helps you feel less alone, don't worry about it! I'm following you now on GFC.

    1. Thanks Sylvia! I do love being social, so I'm glad to have a new blog friend :) Thanks for following!

  7. Yep. That's how it is with little ones. So glad to read your honest blog. I didn't blog when my kids were little as I didn't even know what a blog was 20 years ago, but if I had...well, your post sums it up well.
    Keep up the God work.

  8. That's totally how I feel and I just have one little kiddo! Thank you for being so open and honest. I feel like so much of this life is figuring out balance. Life is always shifting and changing, but thru it all we are seeking after balance.

    Found you through Mommy Moments link up and am now following along!

    Landon @ Living the Dream

    1. Balance...wouldn't that be nice, instead of feeling like I'm going to topple over any minute! :) Thanks for following!

  9. I still don't have it all together and I have no little ones anymore!! My toilets do stay clean now (except one needs the bowl swiped) but it takes a lot of time and then gets dirty all over again. I have to say that you'd think I would have that monster of selfishness under (Spirit) control by now but when I feel that someone else should clean a toilet, or do this or that, I have been realizing that selfishness is still rearing its ugly head in my life as my motivation to be done with the chores is because I WANT MY time to do WHAT "I" WANT!! I still have some growing in the Lord to do, refining.

    Thanks for linking up this imperfect post. I liked that you were transparent and had no list of magical things to fix the problem. Reading your Bible is definitely a wonderful priority that can easily be stolen!!



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