38 Weeks: The Practice of Impatience


My pretend excited face...
 This is not the post I want to be writing right now...

I want to be posting a cute picture of my new baby, but instead I am writing yet another pregnancy update.

I know we are only 38 weeks, and honestly, until Friday I had no true expectation that Teacup would be here so soon. If she's like her brother (and the rest of the family) running late will just come naturally.

However, I woke up Friday feeling pretty rough, exhausted, achy, and just sickly.  Then around noon I started having light cramping and irregular contractions. I tried myself not to get excited, but I couldn't help myself! Saturday I felt a lot better but still had mild cramping and braxton hicks contractions all day.

Determined to distract myself and stay productive, I opted for a full day of work and cleaning and of course getting ready for baby. We got her bed set up, bookshelves moved, bags packed, bathroom cleaned, camera card emptied, and diapers washed.

All ready for Baby!

I also managed to bag 6 more freezer meals, bringing my total to 12 full meals for after the baby comes. They are all crock-pot meals which mean I just defrost the bag, throw it all in the crock-pot and eat 4-8 hours later. Brilliant!

Other than being productive, I've mostly spent the last few days being impatient. It's easy to sit around and dream and wonder and hope that I'll go into labor any minute. It's much harder to wait quietly and contentedly, without complaining and without driving my husband crazy by asking him, "when do you think she'll come?"

I keep reminding myself that God's timing is always perfect, and that Teacup will be here soon, whether soon is tomorrow or two weeks from now! Eventually she will be here, and I will get to hold her and snuggle her and dress her all up in pink!

But waiting is hard and not knowing when she'll come is even harder. I wouldn't mind two more weeks of being pregnant if I just knew for sure it would be two more weeks! But since I can't know for sure, I'll just have to keep waiting and praying...and maybe revisiting a couple of my Top Ten Way NOT to Induce Labor. They didn't work with Rooster (he was a week late), but maybe my Teacup won't be so stubborn...maybe :)


  1. I totally understand! I'm 39 1/2 weeks and just haven't been feeling good. We were up for about 3 hours last night with contractions and I've had irregular contractions today. I know it could still be a week or so (my second was 10 days "late".). But it is hard not knowing. :-) I'm reminding myself that God's timing is perfect!! :-)

    1. Yes! I love that you qualify "late"! I'm so guilty of holding that due date like it's set in stone, but really, babies aren't late or early. They are right in God's time...just not always when they are expected, lol :)

  2. With a few friends and my sister-in-law having babies recently (all this month!) my husband and I are thinking back to how rough the last few weeks were. I was kind of hoping that it would be easier the second time, but it sounds like there is just as much anticipation! Good luck and I look forward to seeing post pregnancy posts!

  3. I'm a week behind you and it's killing me to not know when I will actually go into labor...I'm such a planner! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments Monday!

  4. Oh man, I remember that feeling all too well! It's by far the most frustrating thing about being pregnant - the not knowing! I hope bubba is here quickly for you :) My waters broke a week before my due date and (although it took a whopping 68hrs for my son to make his grand entrance) I found those last few weeks so frustrating, I don't know how mamas that go overdue do it! New follower here from the blog hop :)

  5. Oh I am exactly where you are!!! I'm almost 36 weeks but I'm pregnant with twins.So I'm measuring over 40 weeks already and have over 10 lbs of baby I'm carrying. I'm so uncomfortable and ready for them to come lol!! But I KNOW it has to all be in God's timing. And His timing WILL be perfect...I'm just impatient and not very good at waiting haha. Glad I'm not alone ;)

  6. OH btw I found your blog through the Raising Arrows link up today and I LOVE your blog name! So cute :)

  7. My "Christmas Baby" will turn one this year (actually, two days before Christmas)...I thought the last little bit was the worst, just not knowing what to plan for the holidays, because everyone kept asking me as if I would know exactly when he'd come.

    But yay for you, getting all your crock pot meals lined up!



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