37 Weeks: Birth Plan and Name Changes


That's right ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen readers out there?), I am full term!!!!

(crickets chirping)

Not going to lie: I kinda hoped I'd go into labor right then, but moving on...

I had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday, and while we have started dilating, he said not to get my hopes up anytime soon. I appreciate his honesty. When I went in at 37 weeks with Rooster, the OB told me, "It could be any day now honey!" and four weeks later we still didn't have a baby. Talk about discouraging! So while I'm ready for Teacup to make her appearance, I'm most definitely expecting to wait another 3-4 weeks.

At least I say I'm ready...Mostly I'm ready to be able to put shoes on like a normal person and get up off the floor fast enough to stop my one-year-old from pulling all the books off of the shelf or opening the presents under the tree.

But really, if we had a baby today, I'm pretty sure my life would be thrown helter-skelter! We don't have a bed set up, bags packed, food ready, or even someone to watch Rooster when I go into labor. We've not even talked about "a plan" for dealing with the hospital stay, pain control, visitors, child care, coming home, or well...anything.

Of course, I'm not really big into the whole birth plan thing. My plan is something like don't go to the hospital until I have too and keep pushing until they tell me to stop. I'm pretty sure it's going to work!

In fact, the only thing we have settled so far is the baby's name, and even that's been called into question in the last few days.

We've known we would name the baby Lydia since we found out she was a girl, but this past week I've just started feeling uneasy about it. I mean naming someone is a big deal, and I would hate to mess it up! Plus, one of the big elements of the Christmas season is surprises, and part of me really wants her name to be a surprise!

So for the last few days my husband and I have been throwing around new names for the baby. We've come up with several that we like, but right now my big struggle is deciding if I can change her name after we've become so comfortable with it. Or even if I want to change her name at all! I think we're just going to wait and see what happens. Once we meet her, we'll know what to call her...I hope!

And finally, I just have to share this little piece of joy I found. I know people say shopping for baby girl stuff is addicting, but so is shopping for boy stuff! I keep finding baby boy stuff on sale, like this beautiful blanket.

It's a super nice $40 blanket that I got for less than $10! I was so excited, and I looked and looked for a pink one, but they only had blue...so I bought it anyway. I told my husband I was just going to save it for my next little boy, and he assured me that I'd probably have all girls from here on out. Well, I just hope one of them likes blue because someone in my house is eventually going to use this blanket!

So tell me, how did you pick your kids names? Did you ever have doubts or last minute name changes? 


  1. I'll be 38 weeks on Monday and as much as I'm thinking it could be anytime, I'm also telling myself that it could be up to 4 more weeks!!! That's a big range! Just reminding myself that God has a perfect time!

    We haven't had trouble with names until this time around. Maybe it's because we have to pick two names this time (this is the first time we aren't finding out the gender) or just because we have used up all the good ones (in our opinions). We are pretty set on a girl's name, but still struggling with a boy's name. And we are running out of time!!!

  2. My hubby and I are having our first, and it took a little while for us to pick names. For a boy, we had the name Charlie picked out which I have loved forever, but oneday I had a dream it didn't suit. I mentioned it to hubby and he said he'd gone off it. I thought for a moment, suggested a name I've always liked and he loved it. That was that! It's a biblical name with a really nice meaning. For a girl, the first name is his mother's name but altered and her middle name is my mum's middle name. Both of us like traditional names :)

    Congrats on being full-term - almost there!

  3. Our first source of names was family names. We asked our family members for different names they knew of and then picked out ones we liked. That's how we got the Bear's name. As for our little Tiger, first name was something Jarrod had always liked and again the middle name was family. We also went through baby name books for some ideas. With both boys when I heard the name I just knew it was right.

  4. Great deal on that beautiful blanket!

    With my first 2 I think we figured out the names pretty quickly. They are girls. I am currently 19 wks with baby boy and we really have no clue. We throw names out but nothing really sticks out! So we will see!

  5. You can't change her name, I already bought stuff with her name embroidered on it! And that's a good enough reason not to change it! Lol

    We like a combination of family names with bible names.

  6. When we were having our little one, we were pretty much decided on her name during the pregnancy but started having second thoughts in the last couple of weeks. We decided on a second name that we liked and were sure that we would know how to name her once she was born. Well, it took us a couple of days while our poor little one remained without name - however, in the end we sticked with the name we had decided on first and sticked with during the pregnancy.
    Congratulations on being full term. Prayers coming your way across the ocean for save delivery and quick recovery.

  7. Just had my baby 13 days ago. We went through 3 boy middle names before we finally settled on one. Girl names- I knew the middle name was going to be Elizabeth no matter what. First name was a different story. We had one picked out and then a family member stole it from us, told us she did, so we had to find a new one. It took us a little while to settle on a name. We picked it, and just got lucky that this little one ended up with the same intials as big sister so we can use all of our monogrammed things again! We did add a second middle name as a memorial to hubby's grandfather.

    Yay for full term! Hope you don't go too far over your due date.

  8. We always have a hard time deciding on a boys name. And since we're waiting to see what we're having we had to have both a girls name and a boys name ready to go. :-) We *finally* figured out a boys name about a week ago. I'm 38 1/2 weeks so it was "just in time". :-)

  9. Howdy, stopping by from the Pregnancy Journal Link Up. You look great! And congratulations on being full term!
    My hubby picked out both our kiddos names initially. We discussed them of course but I've always liked his first choices. With my son, we had it down in stone way before he arrived. Our daughter...well, we were debating over two different ones we really liked - we didn't decide until a little after she was born! :) This time around we haven't decided yet. We've made a short list of names we like but haven't settled on anything.

  10. You look adorable! I just had a baby last month. Seems like the time goes by so fast. We named our daughter after a Nintendo64 video game character {LOL nerds, I know} and our son that we just had, was named after my husband. I hated it so much that he wanted a "jr" but I'm getting used to it now.

  11. Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments:) My doctor told me last week (I was 37 weeks) that I could have my baby girl any day and she still hasn't made an appearance. What is your due date? Mine's the 23rd!


    1. Faith, we're due the 31st, so I'm just praying for a baby this year! Although, I know it could very well be Jan. Next year just seems so far away, lol!

  12. With our first we knew it was going to be Lynden or Annabelle (thankfully we had a boy because I hated Annabelle) - we didn't know what we were having.

    With our second, we knew we were having a girl so we had narrowed it down to Alyssa and Everleigh - my husband chose Alyssa.

    No matter what you choose, it will be the right name :o)

    New follower from the blog hop

  13. With our first we had a name picked out, and we were almost 100% on it. When she came, we gave her a name that wasn't even on our list :) I am sure when she comes you will know if she is a Lydia or not :)

    That blanket is adorable and would totally work for a girl as well :) Great find.

  14. Oh my! Do I remember those days of feeling like a whale and waiting to get back into my regular shoes! Ha! Ha! You look great for a full-term mama! Blessings to you and Teacup for a safe and healthy birth! Thanks for linking up and I hope you come back on Thursday when the next link goes live. :)

  15. I've had my future children's names picked out for years, and they're not even conceived yet! So we'll just have to wait and see if I actually stick to the names when babies are a reality!

  16. Hi Katherine
    My husband always said that I was beautiful beyond words when I was pregnant!! Your pic speaks louder than words. You are just glowing!! Nice meeting you and junior at Mindy's and I hope you find just joy in that precious gift from God! Don't worry to much about all the things that still need to be done. I have found that they sort of fall into place once the pink foot has arrived.
    Hugs XX

  17. We picked our first daughter's name out while I was in labor. Our second (a boy) was named by the time I hit my 3rd trimester. We agonized and argued over a name for our third child and second son and finally picked one while I was in labor again, but when SHE was born, we had to quickly pick out a girl's name instead!

  18. I've always had a girl name picked out, but nonetheless God blessed us with two boys :) I picked our first sons name and our second(and last) son we both put in a name we each liked :) So he has two middle names.


  19. Congrats! We welcomed our first little one just almost a month ago and what an experience its been.
    See what we're up to at: http://kshippee.blogspot.com/

  20. I'm loving your birth plan...mine goes about the same way! I'm about a week behind you and am not getting my hopes up yet either. Although I may pay to have my next kid delivered by a stork so I don't have to be pregnant again :) Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments Monday!

  21. I can not believe I am confessing this, yes, I am having second thoughts on our name...I have not had any engravings or anything along that line done sooooo....we are still depending on her little face to be the catalyst! A name is such an important choice! It defines the person, and I want her to have the name God has for her!

  22. So glad you linked this post up this week! Hope you're having that baby soon! ;)

  23. I think it is so normal to second guess...the week leading up to my little girl's birth I kept rethinking the name Eleanor - but it stuck. :)

  24. I used a wonderful little book to pick our children's names. Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home.



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