Five Minute Friday: Stay



Every morning my husband gets up and goes to work.

I stay home. I hold a fussy little boy as we gaze out the window and wave goodbye. He just wants his daddy to come back, and every morning as I sit on the floor and distract him with a song and a smile, my heart is crying the same thing,"take me with you!".

We just want to go.

We want to enjoy the sunshine and the cool weather. We want to meet people and share good morning cheer.  We want to get out and see the world.

Instead, we curl up in a rocking chair for nap time. We fold laundry and look for missing socks. We "hold down the fort" while other people are out living the dream.

In some ways I'm glad this life of staying is ours. I'm glad we don't have to rush around in the morning to get everybody out the door to day care, school, and work. Rather we get to rest, relax, and enjoy just being home.

It's a blessing.

But I do look forward to the day when we aren't always tied to nap times and car seats and diapers and such. When we are free to get out and go and do.

That will be a blessing too.

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  1. What a precious post. I too was a stay at home first day of teaching...was my youngest daughters first day of kindergarten....I was so glad I got to live the dream...would take nothing for it.....but now...I am so much older than the other teachers....sigh...can't have your cake and eat it too....I still would do it over again. Bless you for making that choice.

  2. Cherish these sweet time because they go oh so fast! being a stay at home mom is a blessing!:) Enjoy those snuggles.

  3. It can be so difficult to remember the blessing in the staying. I pray you found pockets of immense joy as you "held down the fort" today!

  4. And I would trade going out in the world to staying home any day, I hate the fact that right now I have to work to help support our family but all I can do is hope that someday, somehow I will be tied to naptimes and diapers instead of this desk where I do what someone else tells me to, when someone else tells me too and I can only leave when someone else tells me I can.

    Sometimes it is helpful for me to remember that we all have things that we struggle with in life. Mine is not being able to have children and still having to sit at this desk.



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