Five Minute Friday: Dying Plants and Growing Roots



A few months ago our local Wal-Mart stopped selling fresh cut herbs. You can no longer buy a nice bunch of cilantro or mint ready to be chopped up and thrown in a pot. Instead, you have to buy an herb plant...with roots and dirt and a small pot.

Now I'm sure this is more economical. I rarely use an entire bunch of herbs before they wilt and turn brown in my fridge. I'm sure some genius at Wal-Mart headquarters realized the same thing, and thought "Hey! Let's sell the actual herb plant! That way we won't be so wasteful." 

What they didn't count on were people like me. People who freeze up in terror when given something that must be watered and cared for, something with roots. I'm just not ready for that type of least not when it comes to plants. 

You see, my life is already a veritable garden that needs tending. Spiritual roots that need to be watered and fed with the Word. A marriage that takes time and energy so that it will remain strong, able to withstand life's storms. Little spouts called children that are just beginning go grow and thus need constant attention and guidance. 

I just don't have time to water plants. 

So while my herb plants may be dying in the kitchen window, I pray that I will be a faithful gardener where it really counts, taking the blessings the Lord has planted in my life and growing them into a family that honors and serves Him above all else.

These are the roots that really matter.

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  1. Perfect! Love this so much! I tell my Honey with a big smile that I can only raise one species at a time. During this season of our lives, it's our kiddos. No pets, no plants. I cannot be held responsible for any other species if we want me to put forth excellent effort with the kiddos. Thankfully books aren't a living thing or I'd have a tough choice to make, hee hee.



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