33 Weeks: Girls and Boys


We are officially at 33 weeks which means we are less than 2 months away from D-Day! And while I know full well our little girl could take her sweet time in getting here, there is a very big part of me that hopes she's here in time for Christmas. I've even decided to be optimistic to the point of buying her a Christmas dress just in case! Really, I just liked the dress, and the jumper comes off to reveal a cute super tiny red onesie, perfect for a brand-new Christmas morning baby. 

Regardless of when she comes (Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day...) I'm getting pretty excited!!!! I might be a little baby {girl} crazy!  For practicality sake, Rooster and my little Teacup will be sharing a bedroom (although she won't be sleeping there for several months) which means his once very masculine closet is being overrun with pink. 

Rooster hasn't seemed to notice. In fact, I'm the only one in our house that seems to have this obsession with all things pink and girly. So while I may have pink on the brain, I spent the weekend with my boys doing what boys do best!  

First there was exploring the great outdoors. My husband did yard work while Rooster got his first taste of pine cone. He wasn't impressed. He liked sitting and tearing up leaves much better!

Then we spent some time at a duck pond near our house. I'm pretty sure I almost had a heart attack every time Rooster went near the water. It's easy to get carried away when chasing ducks, and little boys don't seem to mind getting wet nearly as much as their mommas do!

We also made time to go play at our local state park. It's got a few great walking trails and a playground which Rooster loves. Most of the time my husband carried Rooster in a baby carrier, but we let him down several times and got a good dose of his independent nature. My fearless little boy loved the woods and kept us hopping trying to keep up with him (and whatever he was putting in his mouth!).

And of course the fun doesn't end with the daylight! I got a chance to relax Saturday evening while Rooster and Evan had some good bonding time...wrestling, laughing, and just being silly. And just in case you missed it, that's a hair brush Rooster has in his mouth in the first picture, and yes my husband now likes to boast that he taught Rooster how to brush his teeth! Good thing they have a mom around or they'd be in trouble!

Needless to say we had quite an adventuresome weekend, and while I still can't wait for our sweet girl to get here, I sure do enjoy spending time with my boys! It's amazing to think that in a just a couple of months our family outings will include another car seat, another stroller, and tons more diapers. Lucky for me, they will be cute pink diapers! I'm not going to complain :)


  1. love the plaid! and all the pink stuff!

  2. I am nominating you for the Liebster award.(Click on my name then Seven Flowers to find instructions) I look forward to knowing you better and stopping in often...blessings and miracles...Nicole

  3. I think I'd be just as baby {girl} crazy as you if I were expecting a girl. I have one son, also, and we've been trying to have another child for about two years now. All in God's timing though... including YOUR baby's birth. You've got a precious little family! ;)

    Stopping by from Hearts 4 Home...


  4. Little girls are so fun to dress:)



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