Rooster's Birthday Present to Daddy


Somewhere about month and a half ago, my husband celebrated a birthday. It was a fun filled day of work and church activities. I did manage to squeeze a cake in there, but it said "Welcome Back to Awana" instead of "Happy Birthday". My husband swears it tasted the same, but I'm not so sure it counts.

While I did manage to completely fail in the celebration department, I get an A+ for his present. I was super excited about the idea when we did it, but wouldn't you know I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Oh well! 

The idea actually came from a good friend of mine a year or two ago, and I've just been waiting until Rooster was finally old enough to do it.

We took some time one afternoon to paint a picture while Daddy was at work, and of course  I took a million picture along the way (one-handed I might add! I needed the other one to guide my little artist).  

It looks all fun and innocent, but it was actually quite an ordeal. I mean, who in their right mind lets their 10 month old play with finger paints...

Rooster was really excited to be outside naked. The blue paper I used to protect the porch crinkled when his moved. So much fun!

Dipping our fingers in the paint! This was the hardest picture to get because I really need both hands to keep those paint filled  fingers under control. 

And before you start lecturing me about how non-toxic doesn't mean edible, let me assure you that the brush was totally clean. I just used it as a decoy to keep his fingers out of his mouth!

Rooster's favorite part was "cleaning up". After I washed his hands, I let him play with the bowl of water. Of course, he dumped it all over himself and spent a good 15 minutes splashing around in the puddles. 

When it was all said and done, Rooster kept bringing me the paint with a big smile on his face. I kind of think he liked making a mess :)

More, Please?

The final result...

I just bought a simple large photo frame from Wal-Mart ($10) and put my favorite pictures in along with his beautiful artwork, and our daddy loved it! Cheap, messy, and super cute...birthday success!

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