Five Minute Friday: Grasp


I’m always surprised how strong and fast little hands can be. It only takes a second for a plate of scrambled eggs to end up all over the floor or for an old book to finally meet its match at the mercy of those two little hands.

I spend most of my day chasing them around, confiscating their ill-gotten gain and filling them with blocks and all things plastic and unbreakable. They are perpetually sticky and slobbery, and of course, always in someone’s mouth (hopefully his own!).  

They pull hair and poke eyes, all in the name of exploration and fun.  They love to sing and clap and dance around my living room. They enjoy turning the pages of a good book, emptying the kitchen cabinets, and playing with socks. They spend the day roaming from one room to another looking for the next great adventure. Everything is a toy, and life is just waiting to be played with.

But eventually those little hands do get tired, and curled up in mommy’s lap, they grab my fingers and hold on tight. They find comfort in having another hand to hold as they finally drift off to sleep.

As I lay them down, I relax into stillness and quiet. I know it won’t be long before those little hands are busy again, moving, growing, learning, and causing all sorts of trouble. For that I am thankful. I wouldn’t want life any other way.  

But for now I’m just glad they are sleeping. 

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  1. so sweet. And such a good reminder. those little hands today will be the hands that change the world tomorrow!



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