First Day of School


Today was the first day of school and since all of my friends and family are sharing their first day of school pictures, I didn't want Rooster to be left out! Of course, our school day looks a little different than most because a) we are homeschooling and b) my only student is 11 months old. Nevertheless, we managed quite a bit of learning today, and I would say the first day of school at our house was a rousing success!

First we had Bible time. We studied the story of David and Goliath. Reuben insisted on being Goliath and really seemed to enjoy getting knocked down. 

Please note the sword is plastic and quite harmless...unless he's waving it around pretending to be a giant in which case you better run for cover. 

Our second lesson of the day was piano. One day he hopes to be tall enough to see the music, but until then banging on the edges of the key is pretty entertaining. 

We had reading right before nap time. Of course, Rooster fell asleep before it was over, but I didn't mind all that much!

After lunch it was time for schooling with daddy. They learned about proper lawn care and as you can see by the picture it was a very serious lesson. I don't think Evan explained that the water hose has to be attached for this particular toy to be any fun. 

P.E. which was his favorite class of all. They did some sort of ab curl thing where he roll around  and bounce on an exercise ball. I'm not sure how much work it was for Rooster, but I got a good workout laughing at them!

Our last lesson of the evening was in personal health and hygiene. What the picture doesn't show is that immediately following his bath he wrote all over his clean belly with a pen. On a positive note, his penmanship is excellent!

So there you have it! Rooster's first day of school. As you can see we have a long way to go before he's ready for college, but it's a pretty good start :)



    Sounds like the perfect first day of school for Rooster! Just what it should be!


  2. adorable! looks like a huge success to me! ;)

  3. Great job, Mama! Such a handsome student :)

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