Boys and Dogs


Over the past weekend my son has been pampered and coddled by his grandparents. He's gotten ice cream twice a day. He's gotten several early birthday presents, new toys and books. He's gotten to stay up late and wrestle on the floor with his grandpa. And I'm pretty sure he's watched more TV than we ever do at home!

Drinking Coke with Grandpa
Eating ice cream from Grandpa
Eating Grandpa's Pickle
(Anybody pick up on the Grandpa theme here???)

He's been kissed, hugged, and snuggled by every member of my family. He's been licked by no less than three very playful dogs (which he LOVES). He even learned how to crawl through the doggie door! Talk about a useful lesson. Now he can go outside whenever he wants!

This boy has been catered too and given constant attention. 

But what I don't understand is why when he has 6 people at his beck and call, when he has any number of sweet and savory snacks to munch on, when he has more toys than any little boy needs, WHY does he keep trying to eat the dog food????

Some things about boys I will just never understand. 

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