Vacation Disconnected


We're back! Last week my husband and I packed up our little Rooster for our first family vacation. We had planned on going camping here in a few weeks (tents, campfire, bugs, etc), but last Sunday night I decided that I wanted a real vacation. Like one with air conditioning, a swimming pool, and new places to explore. Not that I don't love camping...but I love air conditioning more. 

So we packed our bags and headed to Devil's Den State Park. They had a swimming pool, restaurant, air conditioned cabins, and of course lots of nature trails and rocks to climb. It was the perfect combination of comfort and adventure. 

Air Conditioned Cabin
Swimming Pool


One of the best parts of our vacation was the chance to disconnect. We spent the entire four days we were there without internet, cell phone service, or even access to a computer. I was forced to completely shutdown my "social" side and really focus on spending time with my family. We all took naps together, played battleship, read books, took walks, and I even found time to study my Bible in the middle of the day! (Crazy right?) It was relaxing to get to talk about things other than church, work, and to-do lists. 

Reading and relaxing

Rooster's favorite place to nap. 

One of our many attempts at a family picture.
Thank you camera timer!

And of course, it wouldn't be vacation without ice cream. 

As is expected with vacations, coming home was hard. I was ready to be away from the bugs and the hills (which we were constantly having to walk up to get to our cabin), but I was not ready to come back to my real life. I wish that I could stay disconnected. I wish I could live in a place where I was surrounded by nature, and where I could spend my time thinking about spiritual, refreshing things, instead of worrying about activities, housework, and why my clothes don't fit right. I wish my whole life was a vacation!

Part of me says that's silly. Life isn't easy, and it' not all about relaxing. At some point you have to put your big girl panties on and clean the toilets. However, another part of me wonders if maybe life isn't meant to be as stressful as I make it out. Maybe I actually do spend too much time connected to the internet, rather than just living my life with the people around me. Maybe I do spend too much time thinking about pleasing people rather than thinking about things that are lovely and true. Maybe I do need to find more ways to be active outside, away from all of the stuff that I own and am constantly having to clean. 

And maybe it's not so crazy to study my Bible in the middle of the day. 

So while I don't think life can always be a day at the beach (or on a mountain), it also doesn't have be stressful and full of clutter. Sometimes cutting away the things we don't think we can live without, helps us see what's really important. Things like walks in the park, giggling babies, Bible study, and nap time. 

Those are the things good vacations and lasting memories are made of.

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