The Day My Computer Came Crashing to the Floor


Our house isn’t exactly baby proof. Sure, we’ve tried to put general safety precautions in place, but every now and then we find a safety hazard that slipped through the cracks.

For instance, I usually keep my computer on the kitchen table where I have quick and easy access to it all day. I like to check facebook pretty much constantly, and it's a good place to sit and take my numerous little breaks during the day. Of course, my quick breaks usually turn into  20-30 minute breaks in which Rooster smashes his fingers in the cabinet, dumps the dirty clothes on the floor, and smears leftover banana pieces all over the floor. 

It really isn't the greatest system, but it worked for us. 

At lest until last Saturday. Saturday afternoon my sweet boy decided to yank the computer cord out of the wall, get it tangled around his foot (while trying to play with an electrical outlet that is now childproofed), and bring my computer smashing into the kitchen floor inches from his head. 

Yes, I know he could have gotten seriously hurt. Yes, I know it was totally my fault.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to know that facebook is lethal!

Just kidding (kinda).

I'm telling you this because after snapping the pieces of my computer back together and praying that it still worked (although I recognize it would have been just punishment if it never came on again!), I decided I had to permanently move my computer to a place safe from grubby little hands.

I chose the spare spare bedroom, which of course doubles as a junk room. At first I moved the computer to prevent another accident, but the resulting changes in our daily life have been pretty dramatic. I guess the old adage "out of sight out of mind" applies to Pintrest. When I don't have instant access to the internet throughout the day, I find that I just don't think about it. I've been able to get so much more work done, and when I stop for a five min break, I find myself sprawled out on the floor playing peek-a-boo instead of wasting time on superficial conversation.

Of course, I still sneak away to check facebook and read blogs every once in a while, but it's only when Rooster's napping or my husband is taking care of the baby.  

So from now on I'll be writing my blog posts from the sewing table in my back bedroom (no I don't know how to sew) hemmed in by boxes of yard sale stuff, too small maternity clothes, an old bassinet and an ironing board.

It's not the most of comfortable of settings, but sometimes uncomfortable, inconvenient, and out-of-the-way is the best place to be.

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