15 Week Update!


How far along are you? We are 15 weeks now. I broke down and got out my maternity clothes today. The purpose was two-fold. 1. My regular clothes are starting to get kind of snug which makes me just feel fat instead of pregnant, and 2. I didn't want to have to do laundry. I don't know which of those was the biggest motivator. I will say that I very much enjoyed going through my tub of maternity clothes. Apparently I'd already forgotten what I had in there, even though I only just put them up 9 months ago!

Cravings? No cravings really. I am having a much harder time eating healthy this pregnancy. With Rooster I had all the time in the world (at least it seems that way now) to focus on nutrition and exercise. Now I find myself spending all my time trying to catch up. Catch up with the laundry. Catch up with the housework. Catch up with Rooster. I guess I need to spend more time catching up with those vegetables.

What's been discouraging this week? The past few weeks I've been experiencing a lot of soreness when it comes to nursing. The pain has varied from week to week. Sometimes it's just general soreness. Other days I have a lot of pain when he latches, almost like he's pinching me with his bottom teeth and gums. Recently I've been experiencing a burning pain that increases the longer we nurse. Today I discovered that some of the pain is coming from an itty-bitty scratch on my right side. I know it needs time to heal, but I am pretty much at the end of my rope. 

At least that's what I thought. Last night as I laid in bed sobbing because I had to nurse the baby (again!), I was convinced that I couldn't stand the pain another day.  I woke up this morning got his sippy cup out and started pumping. I was going to wean this baby! Of course, God had other plans for my day. After 30 seconds my pump just broke. Several of the smaller parts have been through disposal a few times, so I'm really surprised it's made it this long!

I guess my rope is a little longer than I thought, because I managed to nurse Rooster several times today with no tears and no major meltdowns (at least on my part). I would like to say that I am just an amazing mother who is willing to sacrifice her own physical comfort for the good of her child, but really, I'm a mother who doesn't see any fast and easy way out of the situation. I can't just refuse to nurse, so I will keep pressing forward, praying that God will take away the pain or give me strength to endure it...just a little big longer.

What's been encouraging? My husband has been an amazing encouragement to me this week. He has quite a bit on his plate with the whole bathroom falling apart this past weekend.  However, he has made every effort to make me comfortable and happy despite the pain and frustration I've been experiencing. He and Rooster have really bonded over the last few weeks. So much so that Rooster stood at the front window crying this morning while he watched Evan mow the front yard. It got so bad I finally just took him outside to see his daddy. 

The boys have also taken to going to playing in Rooster's room together (apparently it's no girls allowed!). I did take a peek this afternoon to see what they were up too and found this.

Yes, that's my son who threw the dirty clothes, blocks, and diapers on the floor, and yes, that's his daddy just sitting and watching him play. Boys will be boys!


  1. Lol!!Love the photos!! What a beautiful moment between daddy and son!

  2. My sweet baby - both mom and baby!

  3. I especially love your second reason to get out your maternity clothes. It must have been like Christmas, discovering all the clothes you had forgotten about.

    How old is Rooster? How long do you plan on nursing him? Maybe you could start decreasing the number of times he nurses by supplementing so your breasts can get a rest. Hang in there; it's a short season and worth it.



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