Zoo Trip


This past Saturday we took Reuben for his first trip to the zoo! We went with several other families from our church, and had a great time. What could be more fun than a 2.5 hour car ride with 11 preschoolers, 2 babies, and their families?

Here a few pictures from our trip. 

Reuben wasn't too impressed with the animals. He was much more interested in chewing on his toys and sleeping. However, he did take a special interest in the donkeys. He even stuck his fingers through the fence to try and pet him (and came pretty close!), but I put a stop to that once I got a good picture!

And of course, he loved the penguin exhibit! Not really. He is actually chewing on the side of his stroller in this picture. Apparently penguins make him hungry.

Reuben might not have been interested in the animals, but Evan and I sure enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not too hot. I did get pretty tired about half way through a day, which is pretty normal for me. My amazing husband got me a corn dog and some ice cream, and this pregnant mommy made a quick recovery.

Our favorite part of the day was trying to get silly pictures of the animals. We a succeed a few times, like this picture of a giraffe licking a wall.

And this picture of Evan trying to touch a warthog butt bottom. 
(We're parents now. We don't say the b-u-t-t word). 

As you can see we had a pretty great day! We love the zoo, and sunshine, and animals, and walking around, and wearing sunscreen! What more could a family ask for?


  1. Looks like a great trip, Katherine. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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