Sour Milk


A week ago I bought organic milk from our local Brookshires. Around our house that means fresh cheese! About a year ago I learned how to make mozzarella cheese, but after the first few wonderful batches made from milk we got at Whole Foods (which is no where near where we live) I realized that driving 2.5 hours for milk just wasn't going to be practical. So I shelved my cheese making hobby for a while.  Then a few weeks ago I came across a cheese recipe in a book I ordered and decided that I would try again to find organic milk locally. Lucky for me I found some right down the road! 

I bought a gallon right away with plans to make cheese as soon as possible. Never mind the fact that the last two weeks have been the busiest weeks of my summer. I thought surely in the midst of preparing for Vacation Bible School at our church I would have plenty of time to make cheese.  All week I thought about my organic milk and dreamed of fresh cheese. In between the last minute loads of laundry  and trying to pacify a teething baby, I just knew that I would find a couple of hours for uninterrupted cheese making. 

I was wrong. I'm not really surprised. It's common for me to let dreams of productivity run away with me.  It's just usually my dreams aren't perishable. I opened the fridge this morning determined that if I wasn't going to make cheese with my fancy milk I might as well drink it, only to find that the milk expired a full week ago. Go figure. 

It just seem par for the course here recently. I have big dreams of being some fabulous homemaker only to discover that my best laid plans turn rancid before I get anything accomplished. For instance, I had to rewash another load of laundry this morning because I'd left them sitting wet in the washer for two days. Or how I found a dirty diaper stuck casually under the seat in the car a few days ago left there for who knows how long causing the car stink to high heaven!  

Of course, not all weeks are like this (some are worse!), and they are most definitely discouraging.  I want my car to smell clean, my laundry to be folded and put away, and I would really, really like my kitchen floor to be free from crumbs...just this once.  I want time to make cheese, bake bread, and organize the closets. I want to be able to leave the front window open without worrying that someone may drive by and see how we really live. I want a home that is comfortable, clean, and stress free!

I know. It's a lot to ask for, but a girl can dream, right?  

Instead, I have a happy baby (and one of the way!), a loving husband, a home that is filled with laughter (even if we are usually laughing at ourselves), and a gallon of sour milk. I guess in the scheme of things I'm doing okay. 

My big boy helping me sweep the kitchen floor. 

Then he just crawled up in his car seat and went to sleep.
That's one way to get a nap. 

Evan and Rooster playing in the living room. 

Trying to catch Daddy's fingers so he can chew on them!
So much fun!

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  1. This sounds so much like my life!!! I wonder if I will ever get anything done or if things will just keep getting worse LOL! I'm glad to know I am not the only one :-)



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