Dear Popular Christian Romance Writers


We are not friends. It's not that I don't love your books. I do. I just love them too much. I end up reading most of the day away and crying my eyes out over people that DON'T EXIST! I appreciate your desire to bring me to a greater understanding of God's love and redemption by writing stories about totally messed up, broken people who find healing and restoration in God.  What I don't appreciate is that I find myself moved to tears over fictional characters. I'm pretty sure it does no good to pray for fictional characters (not to say that I haven't tried), especially when there are plenty of real people to pray for!

Plus, I have a hard time believing that things in real life work out as perfectly as they do in your books. Sure, sometimes everything has a nice and tidy ending, but sometimes broken relationship, shattered dreams, and disappointment are just a part of life. They are the reality of a broken and sinful world.

Also, while we're on the subject, I'm sure there are some sweet, sensitive, muscular men out there, but they are few and far between. I mean my husband is super amazing, but even he isn't as perfect as the men in your fictional world! Love stories don't really happen that way. Life isn't always romantic and doesn't end with a beautiful bride on her wedding day! The wedding is just the beginning, but of course, who wants to read a book about the drudgery of laundry and cleaning the toilet?

So, you'll excuse me I take a break from your neatly lined books on the library shelf and find myself something a bit more realistic to read, like a cookbook or something. It's nothing personal, but I just really need to get back to my real life least for a few days.

A Desperate Reader who really needs to do laundry!


  1. That's why I stopped reading fiction and went with non-fiction ;) I "love them to much too!" It's a woman thing. We're emotional and a woman wrote the book...she knows exactly how to draw us in since she's wired the same way!

  2. Amen!!

    Tis also why I took a break from reading fiction. I don't need to be falling in love with fictional heros when I have my own Mr. Amazing in the other room.

  3. I love Francine Rivers but I get too caught up too! We women are so emotional! (On a side note, that's one of the reasons the Shades of Grey books or whatever they are called is so dangerous).


  4. I limit myself to free novels on my nook, well I try to limit myself to the free novels. I read someone calling them brain candy, they are! Addictive and not particularly good for you... even when I am picky about the genre and they avoid certain content.
    Instead of praying for the characters I read about, I am going to start praying that the Lord will find some way to use my addiction for good.



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