We're Having a Baby!


Well it's Facebook Official! We are having a baby!!!!

That's right, we are expecting Baby Blackford #2 on Dec 31..

We are super excited! We had our first ultrasound today, and at 7 weeks this bundle of joy is tiny but so very precious.  And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. We went into the ultrasound thinking I was more like 10 weeks along, so we were surprised when we found out we were actually due at the end of December not the beginning. Of course, now we have the hope of having the baby on Jan 1, 2013 and maybe being the first baby born in 2013. Sweet baby could even have fireworks on her birthday every year! I'm starting to like this new plan.

(Obviously this is a flashback picture of Rooster when he was born. My editor said it was kinda gross to post a picture of the pregnancy test I peed on, and our ultrasound picture looks more like a little puff of fuzz rather than a new baby. So...I went with a picture Rooster when he was a baby. Now, you can see why we want another one, right? The first was was just so cute!)

Now to answer the questions you might be asking yourself.

1. Yes, we "planned' to have another baby so soon. That is if "planned" means prayed A LOT and decided that we are up for whatever little blessing God brings our way. I realize that having two little ones 15 months apart will be tough (that might be an understatement), but if this is God's plan for our lives I wouldn't want it any other way!

2. Yes, I am sick and tired. I am sleeping from 9 pm- 9 am and still feel tired at the end of the day. I'm having quite a bit of morning sickness this time too. I didn't have any with Rooster, so this whole feeling nauseous all the time is a new thing for me. And of course I'm a little bit emotional (I cried over a veggie tales movie yesterday) which my husband is handling quite valiantly. He's such a trooper!  Other than that, my life is dandy!

3. Yes, I would really like a little girl, for no reason other than I already have a girl's name picked out.

4. Yes, I would really like a little boy because I already have all the little boy clothes in the closet and boxing them up would be a pain!

5. No, we are not having twins. I doubled checked. Just one baby. 

6. No, I'm not eating for three quite yet, but I'm hope to keep nursing Rooster so I do have that to look forward too though. (Okay, I'm not openly eating for three. I still have a little self-respect, but I am squeezing an extra snack or two into my day.)

7. No, you may not rub my belly. (I just want to go ahead and get that out there. Don't want there to be any confusion later on.)

Needless to say, Evan and I are thrilled about having a second child. I'm pretty sure Rooster is excited about it too. Well, that is if being excited means growling, chewing on things, and giggling a lot, then yeah, I'm pretty sure he's excited :)


  1. when i went for my first appointment the SAME THING happened. i thought i was due november 4 but nope! our sweet lovie is due nov. 21st now... the day before thanksgiving.

    congrats on your awesome news! how very exciting!

  2. Yay! Exciting!!! Congrats!

    My oldest two are 17 months apart. It wasn't as "tough" as people made it out to seem. We adapted and managed. You'll do fine :)

    I'm sure growling, chewing on things, and giggling a lot means he's excited ;)

  3. I've been waiting for this announcement! I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are feeling!

    I love all your answers to the impending questions!

    I thought I was further along too. According to my LMP I was due 12/6, but after my u/s, I am now due 12/24.

    Congrats again! So happy for your family!




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