Happy Mother's Day


This Mother's Day I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on what being a mother means to me.

I am a milk dispenser- Let's face it. This is really what they keep me around for.
I am a wash woman- But at least I'm not using a washing board in the back yard!
I am a jungle gym- A slide, a swing, and monkey bars, all wrapped up in one.  
I am a police officer- I enforce the rules...on the grandparents...
I am an entertainer- Got a song and dance ready whenever it's needed.
I am a pillow- At least one person is glad mommy has a squishy belly :)
I am a safety inspector- We've been 2 hours without an accident!
I am an amateur nurse- If it's broke, I can google it!
I am a tickle monster- Love that little giggle!
I am a mind reader- Who needs words to communicate anyway?
I am a baby fashion guru- If it's clean and it fits, then we are good to go!

I do a lot for my little man, but I am well rewarded with smiles, slobbery kiss, and lots of sweet snuggles. And while sometimes it's easy for me to get caught up in the little things I do everyday, I will say that the last 8 months has really opened my eyes to one of life's most valuable lessons. 

It's not all about me.
It's not all about my child either.
It's about God.

If I give up my life to serve my child, to take care of him and to tend to his needs, just because I'm his mother and this is my job...then well, it's pretty easy to become resentful, frustrated, and tired. 

But you see, God didn't design any of us to love another person because of who they are. We love other people because of who God is.

Rooster has done nothing to deserve my unending devotion and care. He will disappoint me, pee on me, bite me, and at some point slam a door in my face and tell me he hates me (maybe adolescent girls are the only ones who do that?).

God on the other hand will never disappoint me or bite me, and hopefully never slam a door in my face. Rather, He loves unconditionally, always listens, always seeks justice, and always provides for my needs. He is worth laying down my life for. He is deserving of my unending service and devotion.

And He gave me Rooster.

So this Mother's Day, let me encourage you to remember why you do the things you do. God has entrusted to us the lives of our little ones (and big ones) and when we love, serve and pray for them, we are really loving and serving our Heavenly Father.  

Happy Mother's Day!

 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9


  1. This was great!! And that is one of my favorite scriptures at the end!
    Happy Mother's Day to you!



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