Why I Need My Husband


This weekend Rooster and I were flying solo. My husband went out of town with the youth from our church and left me to be a single parent. He was only gone 24 hours, but it was a good reminder why divorce is NOT AN OPTION in this house. I need my husband.

For instance, who else is going to get this bag of fertilizer unstuck from my window box?

My husband gave me flowers for Easter Sunday, and my plan is to plant them in the window boxes in the front of our house. However, when I finally got around to the project Friday afternoon, I couldn't lift the 50 lb bag of topsoil. I did somehow manage to drag the bag out of the shed, up the steps, and push if off the porch into the window box. 

I did not, however, have a plan for how to get the bag back out of the window box after I opened it without getting poop  fertilizer all over me. Being the independent woman that I am, I just left the bag where it was, and of course didn't get my flowers planted.

As if that wasn't enough of a eventful afternoon, I decided to take Rooster for a walk only to find this waiting for me.

Yep, that's half a pair of headphones. It was a whole pair there when I set them on the table that morning and now there's only half a pair. I have no idea where the right ear bud went except to say that it wouldn't surprise me if Rooster somehow crawled on the table and ate it while I was washing my hair.  I guess we'll know if we find a pair of headphones in the baby's diaper.

To top it off, it wasn't until my husband walked out of the door on Friday that I noticed the recycling was overflowing. 

Early in our marriage we established a few rules. 

1. I don't have to pump gas or take out the garbage. 
2. He doesn't have to cook for himself or clean toilets.  

We stick to these rules. I would rather let trash pile up on the counter than take the garbage out, and recycling most definitely fits into the garbage category. I can honestly say I'm not even sure what he does with the recycling when he takes it out. He leaves with a full basket and brings back an empty one.

Finally, I could tell you about how I was stranded at Wal-Mart when my keys went missing (Rooster was sitting on them), or I could tell you how I choose to spend 3 hours watching re-runs of the Duggars rather than do laundry. But really, I think you get the point. I need my husband. He's my strength, my motivation, my teammate, and of course, my garbage man. Really, he's pretty much all a girl could ask for.

And if he tries to leave again anytime soon, I'm going to sneak the baby into his suitcase.

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  1. One of the best posts I've read. Thank the Lord for husbands like this!

  2. haha This was hilarious Katherine and I enjoyed reading it. My husband and I don't have any hard and fast rules, but I would fall apart without him! :) -Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker



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