Note to Self: Let him be little


Rooster got you sick. Just admit it. Consider it his first lesson in sharing. Sweet, right?

Okay, not so sweet, but you love him anyway. Remember that. It's going to be important when he wants to eat at 2 am, and it's going to be even more important when he wants to get in bed with you before day break and play. He'll want nothing more than to pull your hair, grab your nose, and slobber on any part of you he can get to his mouth. Remember, you love him, and these sweet little annoyances are actually quite cute when you think about it. They may not seem cute in the morning, but trust me, they are.

In fact, in a few years (like 18-20) you'll look back on these early more rendezvous as the most precious of memories. You might even try crawling in bed with your growing boy and asking him to snuggle with you, in which case you will probably get a few strange looks and a rousing chorus of, "gross, mom!"  That's okay though, because you'll remember that one day a long time ago his favorite thing to do in the morning was to kiss your belly and squeal at the top of his lungs. You'll just smile because you'll remember that your tough guy is actually a momma's boy at heart.  

So what am I saying? Enjoy these early morning love fests with your little one. Too soon he's going to be not-so-little, and he's not going to fit in your arms anymore. For now, just let him slobber and climb and squeal all he wants too. Just let him be little, even if it is ridiculously early in the morning. 

Your very tired and sick self

(FYI, I spelled rendezvous right the first time without using spell check.Yeah, I was surprised too.)

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  1. Amen!!! Your babies are only little for a little while.

  2. So true! I need to remind myself of this a lot lately!!

    *Way to go on rendezvous - impressive (I looked at your spelling to spell that)! :)



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