Growing Up


My little boy has finally out grown his bassinet. And by finally I mean we should have moved him out several months ago when he started pushing up on his hands and knees, but I'm a little sappy and figured the longer he slept in the bassinet the better!

However, it really is high time he find a new place to sleep. He exceeded the weight limit on his bassinet 2 months ago and can now pull himself up and over the edge if he feels energetic enough (he hasn't done this yet, but he has demonstrated that he is more than able!).

Of course, with him still nursing several times at night (and waking up just to be held almost as often), we aren't ready for him to sleep in his own room yet. So for now he's sleeping in a pack-n-play next to the bed. You'll notice the pillows and extra blankets we added. The warning label on the pack-n-play clearly states not to add any extra cushion to the mattress, but I think our liberal take on the bassinet weight limit demonstrates that we don't put a lot of stock in tags. I mean really, if they didn't want you to add padding they should have made that silly little mattress softer!

I sure do hope my little one sleeps well tonight, but if not that's okay. I'm pretty sure nap time is the whole reason I want to be a stay-at-home mom anyway :)

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  1. How sweet! Isn't is crazy how fast our little ones grow!? Wheres the bubble wrap! :)



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