Right Things for the Wrong Reasons


Sometimes you just need to stop and reevaluate. Recently I've come to the conclusion that I'm doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. I read my Bible, memorize scripture, go to church and Bible study, work at church and help my husband. I take care of my family, spend time praying with friends, and do my very best to hold my tongue. I try really hard to do a lot of good things. I'm just doing them for the wrong reason. 

I've fallen into the trap going through the motions. Somewhere along the way I got caught up in getting things done and forgot why I was doing them. I forgot to worship. 

I don't think I'm alone on this one. We all go through phases where our focus drifts away from the God and onto ourselves. We get so caught up in our acts of service we forget why we are serving in the first place! We fill our time with many good things, but we find no joy is doing them. And I believe serving God should bring us joy! Not the temporary let's do what makes me happy kind of joy, but the peace and encouragement that comes from walking in step with the Spirit. 

So tomorrow I'm going to start the day with a new attitude. Instead of thinking about all the things I need to do for God, I'm just going to think about all the things He's done for me. Really, isn't that what worship is all about? It's being so consumed with how great God is, that we can't help but give Him the very best of what we have. The very best of our time, the very best of our heart, and the very best of ourselves. For therein lies the joy of worship: living our lives in the Spirit and in Truth.  

What is a song not sung to the Savior?
What is a word not written in love? 
What is a day not filled with his glory?
What is a life without light from above?

What is an hour not spent in His presence? 
What is a moment not devoted to prayer?
What is a treasure not to Him given?
What is a burden He doesn't bear?

What is our purpose but to bring honor?
What is our goal but to sing praise?
What would we do without our Redeemer?
What would we be without His sweet grace?

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