John 3:16 Day


It's March!!! I love spring time! And for those of you who refuse to believe that it's spring already, just put some shorts on and step outside.

Of course the best part about the coming on March is John 3:16 day!  Wait...What do you mean you've never heard of John 3:16 day? Okay, so it might be a holiday I made up, although I will acknowledge that a quick Google search shows that I'm not the only one who's thought of the idea.

A few weeks ago I was looking at the calendar and conveniently noticed that March 16 was 3-16 which just so happens to be the verse reference for one of the most famous verses in the Bible. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be fun if that was a holiday where everybody celebrated by telling others about the love of God?"  Well, wouldn't it???

So I decided then and there to start working on a plan to make March 16 a day filled with opportunities to share the love of God with the people around me. After lots of fun brainstorming sessions with my husband in which I came up with lots of fun ideas and he just smiled and asked relevant questions, I have finally narrowed down my list of John 3:16 day activities.

1. I'm making these fun candy cans to hand out to our friends around town. Each can will include something sweet and of course a gospel tract. I got the idea from one of my all-time favorite blogs, Our Best Bites. Click the link below to see the tutorial on how to make these treat tins!

Click here to see the tutorial I borrowed this picture from!
These ladies are amazing!
2. Reuben and I are also going to take flowers to some of our church members. I found this idea online and thought it would be a great way to use all those glass jars I've been saving. We recently found out the recycling place doesn't take glass, so I now conveniently have a cabinet full of old glass jars just waiting to be re-purposed into something pretty.

3. We are also going to make some little inexpensive gift bags with gospel tracts and candy in them to hand out on campus and around town. I'm still working on this idea. I just want to find a fun, non-threatening way to get people to stop and have a conversation with us, and let's be honest, who doesn't like a little free candy?

4. Whatever is left of my holiday budget (and yes, once my husband heard all my fun ideas, he said I needed a budget!), I think I'm going to put on Subway gift cards and just leave them random places in Wal-Mart. I know that finding a random Subway gift card would totally make me love Jesus and everybody around me just a little bit more!

So there you have it, my super excited John 3:16 day plans! Maybe you don't have as much free time as I do to devote yourself to complicated crafting projects that might or might not turn out like you intended, but I think it would be great if everybody did something special to share the love of God with their friends and co-workers. It's one holiday that could seriously change the world. Now that something to celebrate!

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  1. Sold!!! The Carters will participate. Maybe not all the crafty ideas but we will tell others about Jeaus. Love your ideas. When I get my plan together, I will fill you in!



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